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A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

Shore with Blue Sea

Eleanor Harris (American, 1901-1942)

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By defination, an institute is an organization having a particular purpose or the promotion of a cause, especially one that is involved with science, education, or a specific profession. The stigma associated with formal education and its relation to intelligenge or success is the main cause of inequality in many parts of the world. Some want to attain this education but do not have the means while others are privilledged to but are not interested. Then there is the issue of placement in the feild that nuture individual gifts and those that foster the sterotypes that prevent an individual from reaching their potential peak.

This can be the start to a bridged solution. How much do you care? Join us to create an enlighted world one person at a time.

All roads lead to the Village square

There are so many ways to help

Unlock this acheievement with Boints for yourself, on behalf of target beneficiaries and/or interest groups. You can also visit feature posts to accumulate additional Bowries to redeem Institutional resources. Follow link to find out how you can help financially and otherwise

  • FEES – Sponsor or refer a student in need of financial assistance here
  • SUPPLIES -Donate school items and services directly to students here
  • BOOKS – Purchase or pass the batton of reading materials to the next-in-line here
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – Grant or refer scholarships to deserving individuals here
  • ACCOMODATION – Assist students learn and grow in an enabling environment here
  • TRANSPORTATION – Pooling and fares for students across boarders here
  • IT & ETERPRISE – Strenghten value chains by training the next generation here
  • TRUST FUND – Save the future. Contribute to a trust for you, yours & others here
  • INSURANCE – Be prepared for the unforseen and carry others with you here
  • PROJECT GRANTS – Start, Support or Refer skills and enterprenurial efforts here
  • REFURBISHMENT – Revitalise community schools and recreational centers here
  • TEACHERS TRUST – Take care of those who undertake this sacred task here
  • VOLUNTEER – Join a CSR LAB to perform your labor of love here


Participate in sweepstakes and giveaways to earn more Boints. This can be converted to rewards during the Village Open Season or transfered directly to beneficiary.

There are Boint rewards @ feature destination stops. Remember to checkout available rewards or just complete steps below to earn this achievement

Best regards

Aether Uma

Expigital Administrator


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