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Opportunities abound for matchless & effortless SUCCESS with strategic placement & affiliations that can empower all simultaneously. Take control of your destiny, be truly independent! Be ready for Greatness & Live your best life with no apologies! . Streamline your success with the BEST strategy to increase sales and trade opportunities. Open account for access & maximize your experience in the village.

About Us

Blaq Jade Inc. is a Business Referral, Brand Development & Management Consortium dedicated to sustainable indigenous success.

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Nigeria’s industries do not lend themselves easily to investment. Many constraints such as lack of property rights, insufficient infrastructure, and the informal nature of clients within this space provides one of the most severe impediments to development; with the current Global crises further crippling the economy. Virtuality is our current reality and only the BEST strategies will prevail. Engage us to start taking advantage of available opportunities 


We are most passionate about development of ALL resources for economic growth and sustainable development. Expand into high profit areas using our Expigital Modules which combines the convenience of technology with practical applications for maximum impact.

Reach your target market , expand into high profit areas in a continuous ripple of sustainable value chain development with our Expigital modules. 

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Increased sales activities

Increased web traffic to your site & associated information

Strategic placements across various platforms that will spiral into a cost effective, multi-functional marketing & advertising tools

Introduction of brands to target audiences and never-seen-before concepts

Subsequent annual Event for potential investors to meet with entrepreneurs and partner on feature projects

Fun relaxing and riveted atmosphere for networking

Redefining & preserving core values for future generations through programs access to investors



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