Where sex is free & love is costly.
Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing your virginity.
Where modernization means nudity.
Where if you don’t drink/smoke you’re old fashioned.
Where boys flirt & passing bad comments to other girls.
Where you cheat on your partner, because you are sharp.
Where temples are turned into dating points.
Where worshipping God is difficult.
Where lies turned into realities.
Where ladies fear pregnancy than H.I.V.
Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response.
Where people fear thieves, robbers, terrorists than they fear God.
Where outlook & clothes decide the value of a person.
Where money is more important than family, friends.
Where children are ready to leave their families for their love.
Where guys are scared of marriage, but love to have sex.
Where love is a game. The one who play it with mind always get happiness & whoever plays with heart always get hurt.
Author: https://www.facebook.com/Growingpain122/



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