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Blaq Jade Nig Ltd is a Business Development & Management company duly registered and licensed to operate in Nigeria since August 2013. We pride ourselves on our ability to discern needs = create and/or transform ideas = fashioning them into sustainable wealth generating ventures…effortlessly


Poverty … just like success is a “state of Mind”. The success of our business is based on these fundamental beliefs which everybody must imbibe as personal principles
“Everything I can imagine is Possible”
“I am only limited by my imagination”
THEME REDEFINATION along the outlined industries/sectors

effecting change rippling into an ever-growing network of resources

As we are most passionate about development of ALL resources for economic growth, your brand is a key player that aligns with our tenets and common vision of poverty alleviation through enterprise development.  

Our work is our Art!

Expigital modules combine ‘edutainment’ elements with the convenience of technology to maximize productivity & brand mileage

Since inception we have consistently evolved as an organization to handle our multifarious tasks with impeccable efficiency, greater speed and professionalism, so individuals/business can achieve and enjoy veritable success

Our stakeholders have come to rely on our ability to think “outside the box” and deliver winning efficient => effective solutions.

Institutional | Infrastructural | Industrial reforms to foster sustainable indigenous development & Investment

GENERAL Our platform & facilities are aimed @ promoting the best indigenous resources to an international audience 

STRATEGIC - strengthen industries through their value chains by branding & repositioning them for success through themed interactive PICK activities

CREATIVE: Expigital Events to increase mileage to boost in sales volume & brand loyalty


ARM is the 1st in a string of EXPIGITAL™ platforms - a NEW indigenous module for 360 brand interventions designed to satisfy that segment demanding professionalism, integrity & uniqueness of concept.


To further enhance your experience, we have ultimate multi-functional interactive tool tailored with the best campaigns to guide you on your journey to success

combine the convenience of modern technology with practical applications to streamline traffic to your site & associated information

Additionally, mind-blowing are the ways you can leverage and SAVE! the practical applications of this platform can run simultaneously with other systems and keep rippling into numerous benefits designed to register in the hearts of the end user consequently, boosting recognition & sales


  • Upgrade Platform: Establish efficient/effective brand operations + management + monitoring systems => Empowering value chains => Reduce time to market => Cost effective methods that maximize productivity = boost sales (consequently)
  • Quality control: Identify strategic coalition(s) => ensure regulatory compliance => engagements => Increase ability to adapt quickly Manage innovation adoption issue => quality assurance => Reduce reputation risk => investor security=> network expansion => early break even => increase profits
  • Franchise: reward loyal customers base => re-channel & engage => create new/untapped market => diversify into new high profit areas => boost in sales volume => early break even => increase ROI
  • Customer experience: Fingerprint of ingenuity, originality, uniqueness of concept => Brand positioning/re-affirmation => bragging rights to inspire stakeholder pride & trust => keep existing customers happy => Inspire nationwide frenzy about brand => reach a whole multitude of target customers => rippling into infinitely more possibilities!


Commercial industries/sectors are vicious and unforgiving; poorly executed ideas, abandoned projects and human nature make gradual market penetration a waste of resources. Launching 1 platform will guarantee ingenuity, originality, uniqueness of concept, early break even, huge profits and bragging rights before the ideas are inevitably duplicated. Hence,.

All brands will be maintained Band developed under the license until 2022 when they will be floated as individual companies...if not already

Immediately Launching & maintaining activated brands in the Enterprise incubator


Maintain the level of current business achieved up to 2020 & ‘Release mature brands


CORE = Unifying virtual presence that synchronizes automated systems to expedite seamless operations and processes

Create and/or transform ideas, fashioning them into sustainable wealth generating ventures that meet international standards

RIPPLE = Attract indigenous & foreign investment to guarantee continued & sustainable growth

Support the Business Development processes (internal/external) boosting job efficiency

ADDED = Provide startups & existing businesses with the best strategies to launch & stay relevant

Championing community development - Reach/influence the general population; poverty alleviation

Additionally, mind-blowing are the ways you can leverage and SAVE! the practical applications of this platform can run simultaneously with other systems and keep rippling into numerous benefits designed to register in the hearts of the end user consequently, boosting recognition & sales

Behind the scenes

Expigital™ Resources

Gong Expigital Media™

GEM is a multi functional platform dedicated to promoting the best brands according to our focus industries + sectors.

one Village Square™

Meet & Greet compliant Brands; increasing international networking opportunities so investors can meet & experience brands that are eligible for partnerships.

Behind the scenes

Expigital™ Estates

Behind the scenes

Expigital™ Blueprints

Allied Resources Commission™

Incubator and placement for sale of affiliate products/services. Streamline your success with the BEST strategy to increase sales and trade opportunities 


We are inspired to effect positive equilibrium in a continuously changing  environment! Combining the convenience of modern technology with practical applications, our multi-functional Expigital™ modules are designed to foster indigenous development and  investment  opportunities. 

As proud Brand Au-pairs, we strive to maintain an environment where all our innovators flourish. Meet the brands dedicated to sustainable indigenous development.

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