The Project of YOU

These existential questions will plague everyone @ some point in their lives (if not already}; several times a day in fact! The answers vary so much that some have taken drastic steps to translate their feeling to match the outside and vice versa; in hopes to make sense of it all, but the questions usually remain fundamentally unanswered.

What you are called my just be a name to you, but it is an important label that announces and eventually defines you. That is why naming’s are ceremonial; it is a sacred milestone and a beginning or transition in this life’s journey.

Who am I?

Am I divine or limited to my profession, occupation, inclination, interests, mask, title, demographic, statistic, name, sound, color, role, etc.

If the act of prayer is me talking to myself then am I God made flesh

If the voice of the people is the voice of God, then who am I creating in my gathering

Why am I here?

My purpose is unclear! As a child, it is the easiest thing. Knowing what I wanted to be – even though it changed frequently – was tied to 1 root idea. As I grew older, my innocence has been diluted by the adults charged with my care. They say 1 thing and do another, talking from 2 sides of their mouths and constantly distorting word to suit “adult meanings”.

I am now ridiculed for my once cute ideas and pure intentions. So I start creating masks to communicate with the different groups enforcing their ideals on me, hiding my purpose under tons of costumes to go with the masks I create daily. Now the purpose that was so clear is lost in time; and so am I.

What is this place

This earth I call home, is it real or the matrix? A rock amongst many in the galaxy, continuously rotating on its axis, revolving around a star all the while suspended in a space bubble – no fixed up or down – what is real and what is imagined?

We can only see, hear or smell about 1% of everything around us, what constitutes the remaining 99%. This may just be a cosmic hamster-wheel where living is a balancing act or we may just be a figment of something else’s imagination.

Where am I going?

The destination is not known, only the journey can be written.

How do I get there?

One milestone @ a time.

So our name is Blaq Jade.

Blaq for the infinite dark matter that exists to represent the infinite possibilities available and Jade derived from the Precious stone; praised for its qualities, famed for its mystical powers.

Just like we intend to be, its antiquity contributes an aura of eternity as it is believed to be a terrestrial bridge between Heaven & Hell.

Particularly popular is the belief that can predict the stages of one’s life – more brilliant transparent confirms good fortune ahead.