The pragmatism of Problem


Balancing responsibilities & reality is a tight-rope walk. Variables like uninformed allocation of resources, fluctuating economic situations, access to relevant training, unforgiving terrains, poorly executed ideas, abandoned projects and human nature (amongst other things) makes a mockery of organic growth. Jobs stereotyping has fostered the inequality and inferiority complex prevalent in many ‘attitudes’ today. We have subconsciously passed on our insecurities down generations and written these limitations into our DNA. So, coming generations tend to aspire to even greater heights of debauchery.

Forcing square pegs into round holes is a universal debacle. There are so many comparisons that become unnecessary competitions that ‘may’ bear unpleasant fruit.

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Many movies have predicted the end of the world to be caused by the very technology we created to make our lives easier. It always starts with a scientist who is branded as MAD and generally ignored…and the rest is history. It doesn’t have to be this way but we have started the “self destruct timer. Fear is preventing us from moving boldly forward; forcing us to turn our greatest weapon into the primary cause of our destruction.

Finding activities especially during the lock-down was extremely hard for anyone whose house was in order, before we start talking about those struggling to get by. Maintaining healthy lifestyles and habits seemed almost impossible, with every one finding innovative means to cope. I saw images of parent tying their kids to the floor…something we would sue a teacher or your au-pair for; with varying levels of additional abuse for even “imagining” such a punishment out loud. The internet, while providing temporal relief, can foster long term damage usually irreversible.

The silver lining.

This current forced state of existence has taken us back to the drawing board. The situations we avoided with our “busy schedules, we now have to face head on, whether we would like to or not. That neighbor your refused to relate with, you now have to see almost daily (unless you can afford to lock yourself up; in which case you become a prisoner in your own house. The surroundings you have been waiting for someone else to take care of while actively contributing to the disaster with our lack of environmental ethics. 

Being trapped in this seemingly endless cycle has opened many eyes to opportunities across boarders we only dared to dream about 10 years ago; doing things with far more speed and accuracy only ever imagined. . Affordable technology has been our greatest achievement and may be our greatest undoing if not handled with respect.

Success in today’s consistently evolving & fluctuating economies, strongly relies on the ability to think “outside the box”. Opportunities abound for matchless & effortless SUCCESS with strategic placement & affiliations that can empower all simultaneously. This is the best time to build structures, diversify income streams by empowering industry value chains along specified Industries so individuals/businesses can achieve and enjoy veritable success

Potential solutions

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that we have to get back to being self sufficient and reduce our reliance on external help on a community level. Culture and traditions that foster social responsibility has been replaced by the wonderful gift of technology which we are inept to understand or control it responsibly. Trying to live technologically in a biological world has ushered everyone forcefully into the 5G era. Virtual resources are vastly untapped especially in the “developing Nations and we may perish for our lack of knowledge.  

Living technologically in this Biological world is something we can manage efficiently. This is a referral site dedicated to redirecting you to what you need. use the platforms as a bridge and access the route to your success Expigitally.

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Try streamlining your experiences to maximize your opportunities so you can live your BEST life right now. Its time to get out of your dreams so they can come true. Channel your productivity and make technology work for you. Learn to use available resources to your advantage and stop giving away your millions unknowingly.