Yummy Blends Ltd is a proudly Nigerian service brand dedicated to promoting indigenous products and services both locally and internationally. Headed by Lynda Inyaredoo Adzuanaga who is a force to be reckoned with as an individual and a professional.


Another daughter of the soil doing incredible things with the opportunities available to her. A voice of change not afraid to speak on relevant issues affecting everyday living. Life is also about choices and Lynda has found a way to harmonize the traditional with the foreign in an alternative yummy blend – literally and figuratively. You do not need to know Lynda personally to learn from the life lessons she so generously shares with those willing to move forward without fear or prejudice. Always ready to help and share her knowledge and still be a student simultaneously.

A woman with true grit and glamour to boot, Lynda has unconsciously furthered the cause of the working African woman, laying bare the inadequacies of the system and using her voice to champion change by transforming herself into a formidable brand of Fortune. A triple treat of Brains, Brawns and Beauty, Linda is indeed writing her name in the stars.


Anything can bloom once fed fed right; but that which blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. Starting a brand is one thing; succeeding is another and thriving is a whole different level especially when you consider factors like geographical climes and audiences. However, Lynda has proven that determination and focus are vital ingredients to success anywhere. She has chosen to be what is good about Benue, Nigeria and a working woman who can compete on any stage. Her brands cater to living a beneficial lifestyle anywhere and conquering with the right attitude. So have a Yummy day now – you only live once.


I can confidently say that Yummy Blends is now a consortium of Brands all proudly ‘made in Nigeria. But what makes this amazing is that, other brands can also feature. Perishable, packaged and customized options are available for delivery with no explanations attached. What you see is what you get.



From indigenous produce to foreign blends and healthy alternatives, indulge all your sense for that Yummy experience


If you desire true change, you must first look within. Blaming others for your inadequacies is ok if you want to rant but when it comes down to brass tracts, essential discussions leading to practical solutions is the first step to change. Know about the issues relevant to your success

Invest in yourself and save tomorrow TODAY.

With the advancements in technology and all the opportunities, we no longer have the excuses that have limited us in the past from attaining the fullest potential possible. Do not let shame or failure prevent you form achieving your dreams.

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” Thank you for loving yourself best and unapologetically; for showing the naked ugly truth as it is while proposing they way it should be (even when no one listens); for loving Nigeria actively; tirelessly promoting the best this land has to offer. But most of all, thank you for never giving up in the face of unimaginable adversity. Your fearlessness is inspired.”

— Ngohide A A, Author


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