House of Moriah is a dream come true and a real-life testimony to what handwork, perseverance and discipline can manifest. Fashion house with a difference – HOM is a one stop for essential item purchase, skill acquisition and child enlightenment center based in Abuja Nigeria. Headed by Mrs. Nancy-Ter katsina Alu, House of Moriah is poised to be a fortune brand in Nigeria and across boards.


Resilient, indomitable and unstoppable are not just words but a FACT when used to describe this great woman of virtue. There are so many professional & personal stories to illustrate what a Awesome sister, friend and Human Begin she is.

There is a saying that “the womb disciplines the child” In other word, it matters who your mother is because some attitudes cannot be learnt; they must be passed. I have come to believe this is true. Being an unofficial member of this beautiful family, it is easy to see that Nancy-Ter was born with a divine mandate that was nurtured into fruition by her Parents, fanned by her siblings and secured by her husband’s love. Even with a support system like that, some people still get it wrong but not Nancy-Ter!

As a true First born with grace and wisdom, she has created opportunities for herself and others in the midst of adversity. Opening not 1 or 2 but 3 major businesses that cater to the fundamental survival needs and skills, especially in these desperate times. If you want to know what it means to be a daughter of the soil, take a good look @ this gem of inestimable value.


This wonder woman with a heart of Gold makes “making Money” seem so effortless because she is a true BOSS. A babe in every respect, she is not afraid to set her own trends and roll up her sleeves to help those in need. She has continually shown exceptional leadership in anything put in her charge and stirred H.O.M on the sure path to continuous  success. A true model citizen and mentor for anyone who is ready to learn. With unrivaled the generosity of spirit and determination to excel, celebrating and mourning genuinely with others, she has created a niche for herself amonsgt the stars.

HOM boutique ↗

Her passion for fashion is evident in all that she does. growing up together, Nancy’s dress sense has always been top notch. You can never find her lacking – always dressed appropriately for any occasion – as if she studied dressing on a professional level. I always identified her by looking for the best dressed in the crowd. So it is no wonder that her extensive schooling, when was not just looking for a job but taking what she has learnt and turning it into this fashion force.

HOM academy ↗

What a woman! Nancy-Ter never eats alone but carries anyone who is willing along with her. It was not enough just to have a successful business, she made every effort to teach others what she learnt; that way, those who desires success in this field can achieve it. House of Moriah Academy caters to fostering entrepreneurial skills in children and adults alike. Stay updated to see HOMA courses and exhibitions.

MM bible school ↗

Children are the future; teach them well and let them lead the way. This is a popular saying turned song by the late Whitney Huston of glorious memory. In a world where children are being paraded and used as money-making-machines, this woman of virtue has instituted the Mount Moriah Bible School to ensure the best values are imparted early on. That way, when they grow, they will not depart from it. Start today and train the leaders of tomorrow to avoid the problems of our time


Invest in yourself and save tomorrow TODAY.

House of Moriah has come full circle and is spiraling upwards to greater heights. Nancy-Ter has indeed proved that the only limits that exists are the ones we set for ourselves. Thank you for showing us the ways of being the best family, Friend and Fan possible.

If you have not experienced Nancy, follow links below to know more
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  • Visit Boutique to customize and/or buy complete outfits off-the-rack – SHOP NOW
  • Do not wish to buy? She’s got you. Go to school and learn to DIY. SCHOOL NOW
  • Join Nancy in her mission; executing projects for a better tomorrow – AFFILIATE NOW
  • Indigenous placement for success. Advertise across HOM platforms – FEATURE NOW

“Nothing I can write, say or do will be enough to express what your prayers, lessons and support has meant to me through through years. I do not show it like I feel, yet you understand and never give up on me. Only God can bless you for all you are and do; not just for me but for anyone fortunate to know or be loved by you. You are truly one of a kind. Thank you”

— Ngohide A A, Author


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