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We have come a long way from self sufficiency to a partially automated world we are still struggling to understand. Wars have been waged and fought on the premise of sovereignty and independence from rule. However, we can not change the rules until we know the Game. Proximity to power can be as intoxicating, it is not uncommon to get high on the fumes and become overly confident while learning the rules. To be truly free, you must be independent, and to be independent you must define the parameters and extent of your freedom.

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The world we see today has been defined and redefined,  and then some. So many theories about our existence, how we came to be, our purpose and where we are going have been questions asked over the centuries and as far as we know, the millennia’s. The answers are all jumbled up in a mass conflicting conspiracies; in its wake, misinformation and communication problems, leading to avoidable hardships & inspired destruction. Humans have struggled to control nature through science, religion and politics without success. Efforts to unify or adapt being marred by individual aspirations necessitated by circumstances we have embraced as the norm in a Viscous cycle.


The quest to survive these tumultuous terrains has instilled a “survival of the fittest” attitude that is mostly responsible for the lack of societal values, rippling to the degradation of the very institutions designed for our help, protection and  survival 

Unfortunately, the world does not change; it is the way it is.  While there may be seemingly nothing to save it right now, there are ways to contribute to the furtherance of out existence and  satisfy your egocentric needs simultaneously.


Anyone & Anything can be a success regardless of status, label or perceived limiting factors. Let the world be your oyster. Define the parameters of your success like the brands above and WIN Expigitally.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.


Creating a Brand may look intimidating but is actually dependent on 4 major Steps as long as the module used aims to satisfy that segment demanding professionalism & uniqueness of concept.

When the human race learns to read the language of symbols, a great veil will be lifted from the eyes of Men.

Manly P. Hall

Knowledge is not necessarily Wisdom; and both are required to create & sustain success. Reading about something does not equate expertise. If you are starting a Brand (no matter the motives) should normally follow the progression.

DEFINE YOUR BRAND: You should care what people think and say

especially when floating a brand. No matter how many stories we read about acceptance, we instinctively access visually, the qualities we want to be associated with. It is a major reason advertising is required to increase sales. Most brands enjoying success today are working on the goodwill of their industry predecessors. Perception matters. So how do you want your audience to see you or feel after experiencing your product/service? 

DEVELOP YOUR GAME PLAN: Organize your business according to your definition.

Outline your Visio & Mission in a detailed business plan. This is your Brand Bible (or any other holy book you prefer). Some level of research is required to develop this plan for your benefit. Dedicate time to know your Brand intimately. Use free resources and templates to guide your process. This is the foundation of your brand. So, equate how high you want to build by the quality you invest in this step.

GO TO MARKET: Implement your operations according to your Business Plan. Do

test runs to ensure eliminate kinks in your workflow and operations before any major launch. 

ADVERTISE: Loyalty is not necessarily given to the most relevant but most present. Be consistent with your messages, quality and goodwill. Out of

sight is truly out of mind. So stay relevant by being present. There are so many free platforms to launch from. Explore social media platforms for networking & trading opportunities but watch out for predators. It’s not safe to follow the “short cut online. 

Be inspired! Achieve your Equilibrium in this continuously changing  environment! Combine the convenience of modern technology with practical applications to your advantage. Most devices come already fitted with applications., with the option of  downloading more. If you are fortunate to own a device, then use if to get what you need. The lifestyle of your dreams is within reach if you are ready to grab it…literally. Subscribe on sites to network and explore opportunities. Place your brand where it can be seen by your target audience. Paid & free Multi-functional modules exist to advertise on multiple platforms simultaneously. Take advantages of what is available. 


To create a formidable brand strategy, Tradition, culture heritage, orientation, religion, politics must be considered as part of influencing variables to ensure sustainable success. 

STRATEGY IS KEY to sustainable success; but we are not prepared to pay the price for the task, especially when it is indigenous. Despite the amiability of DIY movements, the truth is, nothing beats the right Professional Assistance.  Volunteered help almost always has “ropes” attached. Alternatively, Partnerships can take you to the next level if  you haven’t attained the level of financial security required for operations. However, this can also be very restrictive – compromises must be made to appease all stakeholders.


In the media today, stories of protests turned riots turned vandalism turned war is a constant. Claims of “foreigners taking our Jobs” is the reason to perpetuate these heinous crimes; then the mems start – using comedy to Mask or Mar the tragic events forcing the gravity of the message is lost in translation.

So if you must DIY, get the right help to avoid repeating rookie mistakes and ensure the longevity of your Brand. Use Expigital Templates and modules to

  • Plan your business,
  • Synchronize your operations
  • Outline potential risks, probability impact & mitigation strategies .
  • Reduce time to market & Reputation risks
  • Inspire pride & brand loyalty
  • Foster community development 
  • Boost Expigital Appeal to increase sales, trading and networking opportunities


As with every problem, there are several solutions, but is that answer the best for your situation and status? There is a saying

A government is run by individuals, raised by families, developed by situation/circumstances & nurtured by the community. So, the failure and the solution is ours to decide.

That simply means plan according to your Pocket. If your eye is on things your pocket cant afford, then you can either find alternatives/copies, make a budget and/or find a way to augment. All solution present a hydra of possibilities that can only be defined/solved with the standard parameters you have set for yourself. You must decide where the proverbial line is and navigate your way to success.

Start something today the future will thank you for

We have not learnt how to turn education into earnings yet. Sadly, success is  based on the sentiment that it worked for someone else. This may not be in your best interest. Solutions are as unique as finger prints even though may seem similar to the untrained eye. 

It is easy to complain; maybe preferable to point fingers at the person, your situation, your status, etc. but is it profitable to you and yours? Our problems are self created and the solution is within grasp but that will make people redundant. We refuse to admit that we like the drama of it all, the activity and the relevance attached to it. we are high on the fumes of deceit and are addicted to allure of a preconceived notion of what is BEST for us. So we have fit into those molds in a quest to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

brand originating and operating within defined state.

Indigenous – groups who are the original or earliest known inhabitants of an area, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied or colonized the area more recently.

Freedom, generally, is having the ability to act or change without constraint. Something is “free” if it can change easily and is not constrained in its present state. … A person has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces.


Independence is a condition of a person, nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is the status of a dependent territory.