This platform is a complementary Expigital site for ourstakeholders. Subscribing gives you access to resources and told that are promoted and recommended by our verified affiliates.

Because we can now “eat our cake and have it” we have infused a medly of Programs, initiatives, Campaigns and Knockout competitions to enable our affiliates reach their target audiences across. Borders. These PICK activities is an entire years calendar of activities to edutai, empower and enrich all stakeholders simultaneously.

We are strictly a Development, Referral and management Advice corporation. Execution of projects are carried out by our Village indigenes and their verified affiliates.

All partnership and engagement opportunities have been concluded until 2022. Howerver, should you wish to partner, participate and/or advertise on any activities, kindly contact…you guessed it…our Verified Affiliates.

If you experience any difficulty, it is because only affiliates have access to the platform; launch dates will be displayed shortly. Check notice board regularly for listing, locations and updates.

Discover other benefits as you explore the Blaq Mines.

Best regards

Aether Uma

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Customer – I want to Buy (Liaisons)
Hustler – I want to Exchange
Vendor – I want to Sell (Advertiser)
Affiliate – I want to Trade
Shopper – I’m looking for Customer
Tourist – Waka pass (window shopping)
Other – Consult

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