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Nigeria’s industries generally do not lend themselves easily to investment. Many constraints such as lack of property rights, insufficient infrastructure, attitude of relevant stakeholders, lack of Access (to resources, materials, tools, training, etc.) and unprofessionalism within this space provides one of the most severe impediments to development; with the current Global crises further crippling the economy, Virtuality is our current reality and only the BEST strategies will prevail. Launched in 2018 This project was , to Improve Living standards by maximizing opportunities already available; bridging the gap to relevant  Brand, Edutainment and Lifestyle interventions.

Expigital Blueprints for the Global Entrepreneur


Participate in Village Programs, Initiatives, Campaigns & Knockout competitions to boost brand mileage, loyalty & Sales. Points, Badges & Coins Available. Join Liner for 2021 Events. Your Treasure Awaits.


Expigital Blueprints for the Global Entrepreneur

Save tomorrow TODAY

Participate in Village Programs, Initiatives, Campaigns & Knockout competitions to foster Institutional, Industrial & Infrastructural reforms in your Community. Points, Badges & Coins Available.



What people are saying about House of Moriah® & Nancy Ter Katsina Alu

ZD Kitchen is a dream come true; a real-life testimony to what handwork, perseverance & discipline can manifest.

Lynda I Adzuanaga

Yummy Blendz & Service

I know ZD Kitchen from Reputation and referrals. I cannot wait to visit...I hear great things are happening there. 

Stay Tuned & watch out for this fortune Brand.

Josh Ansah

Model | Actor | Coach

Resilient, indomitable and unstoppable are not just words but a FACT when used to describe Zee. There are too many professional & personal stories to illustrate what an Awesome Human Begin she is.


Blaq Boss

Eveganiya Edukere

Global Entrepreneur

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For the love of entertainment, live life in the glamourous lane and enjoy every step of the success you create for yourself. Explore lifestyle and entertainment activities across boarders and join the liner to a brand-new-you.

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