Balancing all aspects of life’s responsibilities remains an uphill battle, even for those who seem to have a handle on it. Usually, positive results are eclipsed by the advent of something new; the consequent choice excess leading to uninformed investment of essential resources. That’s not all – limited access to relevant training, unforgiving terrains, poorly executed ideas, abandoned projects and human nature (amongst other things) makes organic growth a waste; thus, forcing round pegs into square holes. Additionally, Economic situations have forced individuals and business alike to source alternative means of staying afloat = spending millions in advertising that may reach target audiences without necessarily effecting significant change. Overcoming these challenges is a herculean task especially for beginners finding creative ways to mitigate and manage…and that is why we are here.

“Success in today’s consistently evolving & fluctuating economies, strongly relies on the ability to think “outside the box.”

— Ngohide

Nepotism is generally frowned upon and for the right reason sometimes. While it is okay to give favorable treatment based on relationships, it becomes wrong when the favored is unqualified, putting the entire system at risk.


Defining & preserving for posterity

We generally do not lend ourselves easily to investment. Many constraints such as lack of property rights, infrastructure, attitude of relevant stakeholders, lack of Access (to resources, materials, tools, training, etc.) and unprofessionalism within this space, provides one of the most severe impediments to development. With the current Global crises further crippling the economy, Expigiality is our current reality; and only the BEST strategies will prevail. Launched in 2017, this project aims to improve Living standards by maximizing opportunities already available and bridging the gap to relevant/essential interventions...know more

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Ignorance is bliss. Yes, because anyone can hide under the guise of “I did not know” to commit atrocities. However, that does not completely shield you from the potentially devastating consequences of your ignorance which can be extremely dire for you and your dependents. Knowledge is power. Do not leave your success entirely to chance. Now technology has made learning almost free, take advantage to the chance to know more.

Research on your own or talk to the expert before venturing into any investments to save you time and possible disappointment in the near future.

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So many platforms, even more ideas, yet so little resources. Is it cool to be on social media, selling yourself? Absolutely! But are you reaching your desired audience? If you are just looking for “eye balls” – anything goes. So when people are seemingly making a fool of themselves, they are actually drawing attention their associates and potential customers. Success can be bitter sweet with the wrong audience because they do not understand and cannot appreciate the blood sweat and tears that goes into creating or sustaining a brand. Generally, people are inclined to stop patronage when mistreated ignorant representative; and justifiably so. Unfortunately, only the business owner grieves @ the loss of this potential.

The representative ignorance cares only that they get paid, conveniently forgetting that all remunerations are based on the customer that was just turned away. Thankfully Technology has bridged the gap for marketing and collaboration across boarders. Strengthen entire value chains with the best indigenous interventions.

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You may not be able to know it all, but you owe it to yourself to try and know enough to sustain your brand. How are you coping?

Definition of Manage

To succeed in surviving or in achieving something despite difficult circumstances

Make what you have work for you. Your chosen resource can be a tool or crutch depending on its use(s). As many advantages stem from being caught between the industrial and technological age, the consequent disadvantage is that we become spoilt for choice. Yes you can DIY successfully for your self; but, when the intention is for commercial success, professional help is required.

To disregard this is to put others in danger – deliberately. Achieve your Equilibrium in a continuously changing  environment to handle multifarious tasks with greater efficacy, speed & professionalism! Combine the convenience of technology with practical applications to maximize all your operations.


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Establish efficient virtual systems to maximize efficacy & mileage. Strategic placements across various platforms that will spiral into a cost effective, multi-functional, marketing & sales tool.

We CARE about saving tomorrow, Today.

A new era is dawning, Be prepared! Invest in yourself – nurture your Genius and be truly independent. From Eyeballs to conversions, L.E.A.R.N to E.A.R.N  Expigital, diversify into high profit areas and thrive even in adversity.

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