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Simplistically defined, it implies unruly, wild, undomesticated and uncontrolled behavior. But when defined moralistically, indiscipline encompasses more serious violations such as crimes

Bridge the Gap to satisfy short-medium-long term goals in a continuous ripple of positive reforms.

Make your world a better place in your life time.   It is not easy to help but its possible. Reach out and touch somebody today. there is nothing too samll

This project was inspired by previous initiatives with thesame intentions – to curb behaviour for a better nation.

The War Against Indiscipline was a mass mobilisation program in Nigeria, organised by the military dictatorship with the aim of correcting social maladjustment. The program began in March 1984 and was in effect until September 1985. It was broader in scope than previous measures; it aimed to attack social maladjustment and widespread corruption. The program was gradually discontinued after a military coup deposed Major-General Muhammadu Buhari‘s military regime. continue reading – Wikipedia

Kick Against Indiscipline, commonly known as KAI, is an environmental law enforcement unit established in November 2003 by the Lagos State government of Nigeria to monitor and enforce environmental law in the state. continue reading – Wikipedia

Although there have been many reform initiatives and campaigns over the years, the downward spiral in social behaviour seems to be worsening by the second. It is therefore safe to say that even programs or projects with the best intentions have not succeded in curbing societal ills, thereby normalising indscipline @ all levels.

While applauding the effort of our formers, it is obvious that change is not a national quest but an individual choice.


All good deeds are selfishly motivated. Until you care enough about yourself, you cannot care for anyone else. Start being accountable for your actions and how it affects your space. Let your desire foe change be infectious to those around you and see just how much you will change the world just by pioneering transformation within yourself


This project intends to inspire accountability in individuals to fortify existing systems instead of relying on external aid.

Everyone has a part to play in this global revolution against indiscipline.

It will suprise you how easy it is to help. Volunteer to actualize the dream of a better tommorow, today. Contribute time, resources, skills, etc to the cause. Fill corresponding form to register and continue to make the world a better place starting with YOU.




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Your heritage is @ stake and culture calls you home. Nothing should not be a barrier in connecting with your roots to assit in building a better community for posterity. Save tomorrow Today.


Take back your control. Join the Industrial revolution to self sufficiency and sustainance. Nurture you genius, let your skills shine through and eat from the fruit of your labour in your lifetime.


Take responsibility of your space. A little bit of care can go a long way. Unite to reject wast,


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