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I encourage anyone on the verge of giving up to read this inspirational piece. The author precedes it with historical antecedents and powerful papal elucidations on the rosary. You will love every bit of it.

Rev Fr George O.Appah (Phd)

CEO Ayaab T Ventures

The Significance of the Rosary

Author - Susan Aku

This is a the manifestation of every Parents worst fear and the encounters that allowed all to experience God's grace 1st hand. All weapons are essential in the battles we face on this journey called life". Fortify yourself with the right information and someday soon, your Testimonies will be evident to all. Subscribe to Read in the Village library


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Join Susan to create something future generations will be thankful for 


Susan E. T Aku

Fondly called ' One-in-Town" or Asuzzy-baby is a Force of Nature all on her own. She has set the pace in all her endeavors with patience & perseverance that is truly  Rare. Always putting others 1st, she has continuously led by example on her humanitarian journey as Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, Aunt, Grandmother and many others. Enough cannot be said about the prowess, qualities and achievements of this extraordinary woman. 


Long before the global crisis, we have been dedicated to Individual  empowerment for personal growth & Enrichment.

Retiring as Director of Cooperatives in the ministry of Commerce & industry, she ensured indigenous & Global trading opportunities were developed on the bedrock of "Nigerian Made" enterprises who are also successful globally.

Susan has given her time, resources & sweat to several causes but most especially, Child Enrichment, Youth Development & Women more

Born in Ihugh to Mr Joseph  Kuetsea & Mrs Sarh Keplun Azor, she is the 1st child of the couple that survived after a couple of previous miscarriages; hence the name Terumbur - which means " the father has remembered". 

Sepuln, Sarah Azor. 19 - 20

Hailing from Vandiky LGA of Benuse state, Her parents (of blessed memory) are descended from Tiv & Akwaibom Tribes that accounts for a vibrant, colorful and interesting origin story. It is hard to know who is Susan's Direct family by just observing because she is a mother + Sister + Friend+ aunt & etc to so many that she was unanimously dubbed "mother of the youth"

Leaving her 3 brother (all of blessed memory) and her sister Nguveren Anyebe; Susan Ventured on her own journey into adulthood and married the late Mr. Isaac Ityungu Aku @ the age of 22. The union is blessed with 4 biological children & 7 from her co-mothers Mary Aku and Anne Timini-Aku

late Mr. Isaac Ityungu Aku 2nd June 1940 - 2010

Setting the Pace & Standard for her community, she demonstrated a wisdom & maturity beyond her years by ensuring her Family & Friends were carried along ...continue reading

Mind over Matter! everything is an attitude adjustment. we have decided to have a good time regardless of the situation. Follow the Village map to streamline your daily activities in unison across boarders. 

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Charity begins at Home. Join us to create a better community for posterity.

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