Immediately Later Set up the systems for launching & maintaining activated brand(s)Maintaining momentum by building on the level of current business achievedGet an operation base & synchronize all external departments according to international business moduleBe an unmatched resource for unique innovative concept development and consummate product/service delivery that cuts across all industries

An in-depth study for a 5-year business plan will require the following

Actual signings and engagementComplete payment of feesOffice space in your location or alternatively rent space at your own experience center to liaise as a POS (recommended)4 management trainees to handle core operations of the project after completion. They will be trained according to our modules and shadowed for 6 months after implementation@ an additional costPackage includes bi-annual review of strategies over the 5-year period @ which point, the contract can be renewed of terminated.Handle all travel, accommodation and meeting expenses

Implementation will require hiring a project management company (recommended by lead consult who will be employed by the project management company for the duration of the implementation phases and/or after handover

Management & monitoring services will be instituted post execution @ and additional cost. Either partnerships will be established or resident staff will be trained to handle operations (recommended). A consulting company will be on a retainer to ensure strategic direction is efficient.

This is an User aid on how to maximize this opportunity

  • All MAT have a 3 month Expiration date. The objective is to ensure that participants are fully functional enough to execute all that has been learned
  • Liners Across Boarders are the carriers to execute MAT operations. They are categorizes into 4 main user groups –
    • CARE (Consulting, Advertising, Regulation & Empowerment). List according to Brand offerings
    • PICK (. List according to Infrastructure
    • BEST (. List according to Industry
    • BEAM (. List according to institutions
  • MODULES – There contains a total of 6 sections which have been customized as learning Modules to last a duration of 6 Weeks.
  • AD-SPOTS – This space also contains advertising spots to encourage more income. System owners have the choice of advertising their items, it may be beneficial to feature paid advertising from your indigenous value chains.
  • TEMPLATE – This platform was pre-designed for the global entrepreneur as a training guide to expigital earning. All brands are required to use the pre-designed templates to practice how to set up for themselves.
  • Live runs will be carried out periodically to test system feasibility; we want to ensure you have a running start
  • Accounts are not transferable. However, it is allowed to feature other brands on your page.
  • Liners are accessible to all but feature presentations are limited. Blaq Jade will feature and cater to a total of 60 Brands annually.
  • Registration is not a guarantee of placement. Complete process to be eligible for feature presentation

Section 1 introduction summary

Introduce your brand to the world

Use this section to write a brief but powerful

summary of what your visitors can look forward to.

Remember, The average attention span is short

Let your statement be clear and witty

Section 1b – Feature Brands

This space contains 4 links. The first 3 links can be used as a main product, service or event feature. Use to advertise your brand or complementary brands. Speak to a liaison to know more about ad rates, rotation and expected ROI. Your Account pays for this space so you may as well make the best use of it.

Section 2

This is your Blaq Board supported by GEM and linked to your Village Calendar. Use to advertise your brand and stakeholder activity or event. This account allows for the creation of 1 free group. Additional groups are chargeable.

Section 3

The space has account opening properties. A pre-designed forms are available to page owners for free. However, customizing according to your Brand needs will attract additional costs.

Section 4 – Shop items

This account has 8 ad-spots for your brand products and services. It is allowed to source for items from other brands. However, featuring another brand on in this section means you or your company endorses content and is liable to respond in case of compliments or complaints

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

Section 5 – CONTACT

This section should contain your brand information and contact details. There are 3 free links and 4 sponsored links. Additional links cost extra

Section 6 – Blaq ACT

This section puts faces to the Brand Key personnel and information. There is space to feature 3 personnel and social links each

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

Section 7 Testimonials

This is featured in the witness warp in the last week of operations to drive traffic to your Brand and information. This will be reviews from your top customers and fans

Core engagements (temp virtual fulltime)Business engagements >profiling/pay outSigning/structure formsProcess choose consultant from list above >schedule meetings >pay consultation fees >arrange literature and educational >defuse SOW and JD >costing and payment 100% arrangement >approve and sign offImplement action attract different costAll prices are fall exclusiveBooking with the MD requires recommendation etuis from ore of the depts above and payment of consulting fee.


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