Mar 4, 2021
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There is strength in numbers. Join forces to move forward. start saving tomorrow TODAY. Participate in the Community Development and Recreational Centers PICK Activities for Fun Fortune or Fame

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Bridge the Gap! Make your world a better place in your life time.   It is not easy to help but its possible. Reach out and touch somebody today. there is nothing too samll

I encourage anyone on the verge of giving up to read this inspirational piece. The author precedes it with historical antecedents and powerful papal elucidations on the rosary. You will love every bit of it.

Rev Fr George O.Appah (Phd)

CEO Ayaab T Ventures

The Significance of the Rosary

Author - Susan Aku

This is a the manifestation of every Parents worst fear and the encounters that allowed all to experience God's grace 1st hand. All weapons are essential in the battles we face on this journey called life". Fortify yourself with the right information and someday soon, your Testimonies will be evident to all. Subscribe to Read in the Village library


Team up to Win! Explore Entertainment,  Hospitality & Tourism opportunities; express yourself and bring your Dreams to life.  

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Explore Trading opportunities for increase in Sales, Investment & Savings


Boost virtual Appeal for increase in Trading Solutions across boarders


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Explore Trading opportunities for increase in Sales, Investment & Savings

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Join Susan to create something future generations will be thankful for 


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