Its time to be SELFISH! Invest in yourself; nurture & maximize opportunities to be secure Expigitally. Limitless opportunities abound Find & nurture your genius. Explore alternative wealth sources & start winning today. Collect & Store your Treasure virtually; you never know…they may come in handy one day. Click for more information Use our modules for simultaneous Empowerment, Edutainment and Enrichment, PICK & Participate in themed activities for 360 SUCCESS.

Whether for fun, Mo₦ey or fame,

Its always Open season when you are a Blaq Boss

Time to enroll for PICK activities, build bridge and diversify income streams with strategic placement that can empower all simultaneously. Foster development in ALL Resources & satisfy short-medium-long term goals in a continuous ripple of sustainable value chain development & reforms, Expigitally.  Board if already subscribed, Explore other projects for sustainable community development and growth if undecided or  or follow links below if you already know where you are going.

Implementation will require hiring a project management company (recommended by lead consult who will be employed by the project management company for the duration of the implementation phases and/or after handover

Management & monitoring services will be instituted post execution @ and additional cost. Either partnerships will be established or resident staff will be trained to handle operations (recommended). A consulting company will be on a retainer to ensure strategic direction is efficient.

  • Actual signings and engagement
  • Complete payment of fees
  • Office space in your location or alternatively rent space at your own experience center to liaise as a POS (recommended)
  • 4 management trainees to handle core operations of the project after completion. They will be trained according to our modules and shadowed for 6 months after implementation@ an additional cost
  • Package includes bi-annual review of strategies over the 5-year period @ which point, the contract can be renewed of terminated.
  • Handle all travel, accommodation and meeting expenses
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    official Email address will be used in all primary correspondence between BJI and affiliate
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  • Payment gateways policies

All purchases must be made on through approved platforms only. A code will be given and customer will be redirected to Affiliate ‘if necessary’ pay gradually for items through us to affiliates + stakeholders

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  • Signings personal guarantee

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Hello and welcome to your Expigital Space
This is an alternative multinational platform to enable you adapt successfully in the work TODAY.
STEP 1 – Assemble, Scan & Upload the following here to create an Expigital folder
STEP 2 – Tick off as submitted
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There is strength in numbers. Join forces to move forward. start saving tomorrow TODAY. Participate in the Community Development and Recreational Centers PICK Activities for Fun Fortune or Fame

Customized Modules and Templates to optimize your skills @ your convenience. Already a subscriber? you can access Classified  modules & Templates from your Village Account page



Streamline your success with the BEST strategy to increase sales and trading opportunities. Join O.D.E LINERS to participate in PICK themed activities for Discounts, Coupons & other Awesome Rewards. Board if already subscribed, Explore other projects for sustainable community development and growth if undecided or  or follow links below if you already know where you are going.

Team up to Win! Explore Entertainment,  Hospitality & Tourism opportunities; express yourself and bring your Dreams to life.

BUY ENGAGE SELL TRADE @ the village. We are happy yo point you in the BEST direction. Activate Super-sale Discount on all purchases and services to redeem during Open Season. Check local listing for verified brands and Liaisons to avoid fraud.

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Follow the Rainbow – get complementary Guest Clutch for accumulating rewards. Participate in themed Village PICK activities to upgrade & redeem winnings @ the Village Bazaar from the 1st of December 2020. Start your Journey now. 👇🏼

Expigital™ Solutions

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