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Administrative Matters

This hub is a resource platform for the Administrative arm and value chain. It is not an association. However, find a list of accredited institutions should you wish to maximize the opportunities in your career path or change trajectory completely. Working with the law or its enforcement is a prestigious opportunity that should be taken seriously. Join townhalls to participate in essential discussions or Complete profile to access village jobs.

Scope of Work

Handle registrations and enrollment

Develop curriculum for modules

Share information on specified platforms according to approved schedules

Notice/or preparation for meetings and eventsCommunications with 3rd parties

Tasks and assignmentsResearch and documentation

Data filing, entry and security

Listing compilations (from all ext depts) 

Step 1 ↗


Þ MSA forms Agree to privacy policy

Þ Listing

Þ Upload terms & conditions

Þ Welcome letter guide

disclaimer, NDA, WRL, permissions, licenses, Terms & conditions

official Email address will be used in all primary correspondence between BJI and affiliate

O&T of key personnel to manage content

Step 2 ↗


Þ Testing nda

Þ Verification waiver

Þ Orientation tutorial

Þ Payment gateways policies

All purchases must be made on through the mining platforms only. A code will be given and customer will be redirected to Affiliate ‘if necessary’ pay gradually for items through us to affiliates + stakeholders

Affiliate gets 1 points for every 5 visitor redirects (not repeated) and an additional 5 points for complete registration, community membership referrals

Step 3 ↗


Þ Email/ storage infomercial

Þ Signings personal guarantee

Þ Registration slip – contract

7 days until launch

Village Bazaar


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