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This expigital space is for everyone seeking Business, Edutainment or Lifestyle interventions. Unlike other social and Media platforms, you are free to explore without commitment. However, access to certain areas and facilities are restricted to your chosen treasure path. Board the expigital LAB to LEARN with bages & achivements, SOW with Accounts or EARN with ranks and roles on your journey through the Village.


Badges & Achievements – just by visiting, you have started moving in the Village. Perform tasks to earn Blaq currency and rewards on your journey. This path does not require any registeration and earnings can be redeemed during Open Season. Know more in “Awards

Accounts – This access is required to feature or lease Village estates. Limited spaces are available and exclusive to Tier members according to hierachy. Complete all 4 Expigital MATS to own an estate. Know more in “Bank

Roles & Ranks – Make your experience interesting by gaining village prestige. Subscription is the minimum requirement to participate in themed activities. Badges and Achievements help registered members to move up the Ranks faster while Roles are awarded according to your village activity. Know more in “Duties


Take advantage of abounding opportunities in the Village. Follow links to know more about the Types, Uses and Benefits of Blaq Account or find activities to accumulate expigital currency and rewards.

Your treasure awaits

If this is not your first time, you have started earning and not even know it yet.

ACHIEVEMENTS – These are earned by performing tasks – knowingly or otherwise. Completed Achievements attract rewards which can be converted to eligible Services, Items and Products from feature Village facilities. Check Blaq Activities below to view all achievements, earned and uncompleted alike.


This determines your Village placement and is earned based on your village activity. Badges can be awarded to anyone. However, only account holders can redeem at anytime. Unregistered users have to wait till the Village Open Season to claim rewards.

CHANGE – Various denominations can be accumulated just by following your village interests…even without commitment. However having an account grants you access to earn more by featuring, Advertising and refering other Brands

Do not let your experience go in vain. Find out what you are eligible for or Perform tasks to earn even more awards.

Get a Blaq Account to accumulate your expigital treasure.


  • Activity & community access
  • Listings
  • Store or redeem awards

…and so much more


This account grants user access to product lisitng. Suitable for startups, Individuals and students

ELIGIBILITYForeigner access is required to activate this account.

blaq TOISE

This account grants user access to Post facilities in the Village. Suitable for Artisans and home brands

ELIGIBILITYClient access is required to activate this account.


EYEBALLS = CONVERTIONS m ove a prospect to client. This account grants user access to Project facilities in the Village. Suitable for cooperatives and professionals.

ELIGIBILITYAffiliate access is required to activate this account.

Blaq B3ITS

This account grants user access to page facilities in the Village. Suitable for Brands and Companies.

ELIGIBILITYVillager access is required to activate this account.


Customized accounts suitable for governments, NGO and Conglomerates. Grants users access to e-MAT facilities

ELIGIBILITYCore access is required to activate this account.


Work smark not hard. Blaq Accounts differ expigitally but have one thing in common – they combine the convinece of technology with manual operational systems, so users can bridge the gap to their success. Chose account to know more about its uses.


This list is endless because each benefit ripples out into more advantages. However, the most prominent advantage would be the power of control. You decide why, when, what, how and where you want your success to flow. Select prefered account to know more about its benefits.


To ensure uniformity of prices, the Village has instituted the Bowry which is the general name for all the currency. The name was inspired by the Cowrie which was used as a legal tender @ some point in our history.

The Bowrie comes in 2 categories

Tier 1 Boints – has 5 denominations. It can be earned by simply exploring village facilities and can be used to redeem from the ETC bazaar

ARC boints

11 ARC boint Awards

2 ARC boint Deductions

  • -ARC boint 1 for accepting a friendship request
  • -ARC boint 1 for responding

GEM boints

11 GEM boint Awards

2 GEM boint Deductions

  • -1 GEM boint for accepting a friendship request
  • -1 GEM boint for responding

ODE boints

24 ODE boint Awards

7 ODE boint Deductions

  • -2 ODE boints for get a comment marked as spam 1 time
  • -2 ODE boints for deleting a post
  • -100 ODE boints for unlocking any parcel – 1 time only
  • -2 ODE boints for sending a friendship request
  • -2 ODE boints for removing a friendship
  • -10 ODE boints for requesting to join a private group
  • -5 ODE boints for leaving a group

ONE boints

11 ONE boint Awards

2 ONE boint Deductions

  • -1 ONE boint for accepting a friendship request
  • -1 ONE boint for responding

Tier 2 Bowry – has 7 denominations. It can be used for purchase or converted to Cash in prefered currency. Only registered members can earn this currency.

All currency mediums can be used to access content and redeem eligible services, items and products from the ETC bazaar. The Bowry cannot be used outside the Village.

Know more about blaq currency here

It is important to note that Services, Items and Products are provided by Village feature Brands.

REWARDS for fun: Abide by community regulations to maximize your experience in the Village. Know the Rules and complete the Blaq alphabet task to earn or redeem rewards without commitment. know more here

RANKS for fame: Move up the Village ladder. Register ot participate in themed activities to attain expigital success. Know more here

ROLES for fortune: Complete profile, get assigned to specific roles and earn exclusive awards. know more here

How much have you been throwing away?

The Village exchange is a group of facilities instituted to assist users in channeling a path according to their current resources. Set yourself up for success by exploring ways to maximize your Village experice. Use what you have @ hand to get what you want or need. Visit feature destinations to partner other organizations that share your tenets, foster social development and Responsibility or satisfy short-medium-long term goals in a continuous ripple of positive reforms up and down your value chain.

MAP My Action Plan. This is a pointer for users who need structured activities/events to achieve personal set goals. Follow the path or create according to your desires.

LABLiner Across Boarders is the sure way of exploring the Village. This expigital express unites users with their village people on a bonding tour to select Village destinations.

MAT – Like the proverbial flying carpet. the MAT is a way of experiencing the Village from different view. Use Expigital Modules, Adspots and Templates to feature in the Village.

A world of possibilities awaits.


You have started your expigital journey without realizing. Be deliberate about your success and make it offical. Complete form that suits your current interest.

Just want to continue exploring? Subscribe to have more control over your Village rewards.

Complete profile for legitimacy. Be eligible to participate in themed activities and events for exclusive rewards.
Open Account for administrative access to Feature, Advertise or Refer

Account holders have the first right to new information on available Village opportunities.

Become a member. Register for the right to create your own village path

Click here or fill form


It is intended that all users and stakeholders have a hitch-free experience in the village. However, if by any circumstance, you have issues, kinly fill form below for assistance.

Oracle1 avatar


There is so much to do in the Village. Find your Village people or move Solo to Village events. Who knows, you may find treasure along the way.Join O.D.E LINERS to participate in PICK themed activities for Discounts, Coupons & other Awesome Rewards. Board if already subscribed, Explore other projects for sustainable community development and growth if undecided or  or follow links below if you already know where you are going


How much have you been throwing away? Find alternative ways to augument your income. Comple tasks to accumulate Village Boints and move up the BEAM.

100 ODE boints
9 Steps
  • Explore Village – Register
  • Stay Plugged – Login
  • Say something – comment on Posts
  • Get noticed and included
  • From the heat – publish post
  • Take responsibility – complete Core Tasks
  • Don’t be a stranger – visit
  • Move up the Ranks – level-up!
  • Augment your Expigital Treasure – PICK Points


5 GEM boints
9 Steps
  • Explore Village – Register
  • Stay Plugged – Login
  • Say Something – comment on posts
  • Get noticed & included
  • From the heart – Post something
  • Take responsibility – complete Core Tasks
  • Don’t be a Stranger – visit
  • Move up the ranks; level-up!
  • Augment your Expigital treasure – PICK Points


2,000 GEM boints


15 GEM boints
7 Steps
  1. Daily visit the website 1 time (limited to 7 per week)
  2. View Forums and discussions
  3. Say something
  4. In your own words
  5. Advertise your craft
  6. Who else knows this Item
  7. What do others think of this


Patronise Village Feature Brands. Get Product, Items and Services @ the BEST deals available.


Find your programing – follow link to the edutainment channel of your choosing. Too many channels to choose from? Explore GEM to PICK edutainment

For a structured experience, tune in to Gong Expigital media of follow the links to other Village interests.


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