Nothing is free in this world. Even to indulge your senses, you must pay attention.

The village takes this statement literally and figuratively. That way, users have the opportunity to define and use their currency


In the Village, any and everything can be used as a source of income or sustainance; you just have to know your way around.

ODE boints

24 ODE boint Awards

7 ODE boint Deducts

  • -2 ODE boints for get a comment marked as spam 1 time
  • -2 ODE boints for deleting a post
  • -100 ODE boints for unlocking any parcel – 1 time only
  • -2 ODE boints for sending a friendship request
  • -2 ODE boints for removing a friendship
  • -10 ODE boints for requesting to join a private group
  • -5 ODE boints for leaving a group

ONE boints

11 ONE boint Awards

2 ONE boint Deducts

  • -1 ONE boint for accepting a friendship request
  • -1 ONE boint for responding

GEM boints

11 GEM boint Awards

2 GEM boint Deducts

  • -1 GEM boint for accepting a friendship request
  • -1 GEM boint for responding

ARC boints

11 ARC boint Awards

2 ARC boint Deducts

  • -ARC boint 1 for accepting a friendship request
  • -ARC boint 1 for responding


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