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The village is a state of consciousness where users create a niche for themselves while simulating a journey where the treasure @ the rainbow’s end is determined by the path chosen. Users will not be prompted to do anything, only feature presentations and information pop-ups.

We are committed to Having a good time without stopping the hustle; regardless of the circumstances. Participate in themed activities to collect Badges and be eligible for Omnifest Diamond Edition.

There are different paths to the Village. Users can make it interesting by choosing or letting fate decide. The idea is to provide networking and engagement opportunities across boarders while simultaneously creating a self-success structure.


The platform is generally free; if users can navigate, you can have your cake and eat it too. Both RU (Work, Invest, Network) and GU (Wallet, Income, Nest-egg) mingle in the same spaces to SEL (sow, earn or learn). However, the chosen path and user category determines the capacity and opportunities identifiable by the user.

Your “junk” is Someone’s Treasure. Explore feasible alternative ways to “love thy neighbor”.  No one knows tomorrow … which is not guaranteed, so make a difference Today… right now! Want to help? just be Selfish! Find your equilibrium and thrive in Adversity. Meet  like minds &; Team-up for sustainable Success. Whether for business or pleasure, build formidable networks to explore opportunities across boarders. Alternative modules for the eternal student. Nurture your Genius to unleash your super powers & SHINE effortlessly. Gain true Independence, your convenience  Customized Modules and Templates to synchronize your operations and be productive ANYWHERE.

1 Individual – know thyself…just for fun. click here

5 Business – know your business. click here

4 Family –  fun with the tribe To Bring You Closer click here; start your tree. click here

Work – freelance jobs & contracts for fun – Click here

Network – have fun across boarders. click here




PLUGIN to WIN Expigitally

Jul 14, 202010 min read

WELCOME DEAR A.R.C bureau™ <p style=”text-align: left;”>Customized modules for the Global Entrepreneur. Make what you have work for you. Automate, Balance &amp; Control all operations with our expigital modules – designed for your convenience. </p><h6>CONSULT</h6> <ul> <li > G.E.M bridge™…

Balance in Structure

Feb 27, 202011 min read

CREATING THE BEST WORLD GreenShift – Page-Building Gutenberg Blocks We have come a long way from self sufficiency to a partially automated world we are still struggling to understand. Wars have been waged and fought on the premise of sovereignty…

Reaching ARM

BlaqFeb 20, 20202 min read

The prayer or wish that in the darkest times, we can find the hand that pulls us out of the murk into the light. That is why we are, to ease transitions by being a bridge linking dreams to reality.…

Staying Silent

BlaqFeb 13, 20204 min read

There is always a choice. Even choosing to not have a choice is a choice. I have a lot to say, but if I talk, no one can win an argument with me because I out-talk everybody. It is always…

Finding Myself

BlaqJan 30, 20203 min read

These existential questions will plague everyone @ some point in their lives (if not already}; several times a day in fact! The answers vary so much that some have taken drastic steps to translate their feeling to match the outside…

Home is where the heart is…Participate in Expigital Tasks Events & Activities to accumulate Badges, Achievements & Ranks for the Village Open Season

Follow the road that will lead you home.

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