Expigital Access


For Trading and Barter solutions; this is a Village account that allows users advertise across village platforms.

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ARC points 1,000
The possessor of this badge always trumps every situation and has being granted the tidal wave power to access Village CARE packages and facilities.

8 Required Steps

  1. Practice Points
  2. Paddy Points
  3. Publish Points
  4. Post Points
  5. Patch Points
  6. Portfolio Point
  7. PICK Points
  8. Parcel Points


This item can be purchased without registration. However, Clutch activation is required for use. Follow link below to register now


192 in stock (can be backordered)

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Register to activate a Village CLUTCH to participate in village themed activities for fun fortune or fame

Village Clutch is a free account that allows users earn Points across our platforms.

Registration starts on the 1st and ends on the 11th of every month to avoid the open season rush.

Only Village account holders are eligible to use Points for checkouts or Village activities.

Points can be used to during checkout online and @ verified POS stations.




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