5 Points


    ‘the knowledge Seeker’

    This is an Honorary Badge presented as a sign of legitimate status and accomplishment in the Village.

    Thank you for your service; for going into unknown territory – not just going, but documenting what you find and seeking to explain its significance. You are doing what all the famous explorers of the past have done – make discoveries or find new knowledge and shared it with others.

    Your predecessors are Proud and so are we.

    MEANING: You got SKILLS!

    The possessor of this badge has been recognized for the exhibiting qualities worthy of an explorer within and outside the Village network.


    These are given to anyone who aligns with the Village Vision.

    There are several Badge types & categories for various accomplishments.

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    BENEFITS: believe you can deep dive

    This award comes with a 5 Point Bonus which can be used to draw a gift from the Wishing Well or have it added to your chest

    Townhall and Team Badges attract additional bonus – join Townhall or project team

    Only Verified Village Indigenes with ranks can exchange, purchase or trade badges


    • Use during checkout to pay for items – visit Bazaar
    • Access customized CARE packages – visit Bureau
    • PICK Village facilities and Projects – visit Bridge

    NEXT STEPS: Continue to Increase in Rank & Reputation

    • Participate in activities of interest and perform tasks to get more badges.
    • Collect 5 Badges
    • Redeem or Reward during Open Season
    All terms and conditions apply

    9 Steps

    1. Explore Village - Register
    2. Stay Plugged - login
    3. Say something - comment on Posts
    4. Get noticed and Included
    5. From the heart - publish post
    6. Get assigned to any role 1 time
    7. Daily visit the website 1 time
    8. Move up the Ranks - level-up!
    9. Augment your Expigital Treasure – PICK Points
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