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Welcoming ALL explorers and adventurers. This is the Village Navigator, instituted to point you in the best direction available. Do you know where you’re going to? What treasure do you seek? What resources do you have or require? Anything is possible if you know the where, who, what when and how. The Village is an Expigital Blueprint for the global Entrepreneur. Get busy or start living the life of your dreams now
Expgital express

Take the scenic route


All roads lead to the Village Square eventually.

Be inspired! Achieve your Equilibrium in this continuously changing environment!
You do not need to be a villager to enjoy some Blaq facillicities. Find your Village people. Network, meet like minds, form bonds or create your global family on your sojorn through the Village. Continue without commitment by keeping yourself occupied with events and activities in the Calendar or choose a path that corresponds with your interests.
The Liner Across Boarders is is a structured tour route to the Village through select . LEARN, SOW or EARN aboard the LAB.
Choose a path to explore & WIN. VIsit destinations to spectate or participate in theme actives for Fun Fortune or Fame.
Connect through the Village VEIN. Stay tuned to the Talking Drum to get the latest from Town Criers across boarders.
Already a Villager? Write your name in the stars! Be guided as you access classified content and move up the ranks in the Village community. Whatever the path, your treasure awaits.

Get ready to W.I.N

There is so much to explore in the Village and even more was to access available opportunities. Know your WHY to take advantage of opportunities across boarders.
What do you want to do? 
How do you want to get there? make what you have work for you
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  • Stadias
  • Clinics
  • Studios
  • Taverns
When do you want to get there? Combine the convenience of modern technology with practical applications using our multi-functional Expigital™ MATS
  • School
  • Temple
  • Estate
  • Bank
  • Embassy
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Latest VEIN

from the Talking Drums
Stay in the know. Follow Town criers across boarders to know the latest Views, Edutainment, Information and News relevant to your interest. Subscribe to stay in the know or continue exploring in free mode.
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be guided

Everything is a matter of context and perspective. Follow Epigital guides that best alligin with your needs.
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Your mission should be inspired by your inclination and fueled by your passion. Gather, assemble or fortify the relevant resources required for your sojourn both literally and figuratively. For Advice, Referral, Management and Services, follow links to feature destinations representing industrial, Institutional and Infrastructural value chains across boarders.
Business inclined?
research @ RGN, legalize @ ELA or industrialize @ SET.

Edutainment inclined?
Essential discussions @ YBS, institutions @ SUN or P.I.C.K @ TAG.

Lifestyle inclined?
FInd everything fashion @ HOM, enjoy & excersie @ ZDK or package @ VEX. 
Already registered? Checkout your activity or find new opportunities @ the Taverns

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