I would like to believe that surving is the primary instinct of living things. The pandemic brought with it many ills including ‘anarchy and doom’. All the systems created to regulate our existence were brought to their knees. So how to navigate the murky waters of living during a crisis is a skill we must enhance further to continue surviving as a species in harmony with the environment and ourselves.

There is a common consciousness that exists in the world which form the basis of social responsibility. A friend once told me “all good deeds are selfishly motivated” I have found this to be true.

It’s funny that we have forgotten how to be selfish by creating systems that serve only personal interest. Investing in yourself means creating structures to serve your interests @ the needed time.

Currently, the Covid 19 pandemic has opened a ‘pandoras box’ of ills that societies are struggling to cope with. Those that were selfish enough actually enjoyed the opportunity to rest, reconnect and live-up the pandemic in style while still having enough to share with others.

Outside of Covid, other diseases still thrive and threaten eradication at the slightest opportunity. So how do you stay secure before during and after; taking into account the constantly changing circumstances and challenges we face?

The answer is so multileveled that it is currently being developed into modules to provide a structured approach to combating, thriving and protecting lives. The race is on to find cures; get rich schemes are afloat; everybody is thinking of #1…lol…has the pandamic not shown us that communal security is essential to survival? The way forward will be to create communal systems across boarders while we wait for the authorities to “get it right”.

Step 1 – STAY SAFE

Follow applicable health regulations from the appropriate authorities for personal and public hygiene.  Principles and discipline are vital to sustaing the lifestyle you dream of. I watched people refusing to wear masks, forcing the extreme isolation measures implemented by authorities…to whose detriment? Don’t put your life in the hands of others. Begin-the-know Read about standard protocls to observe during this pandemic. Subscribe to newsletters from verified sources like who if you do not trust your Indiginous sources.


Growing up, programs like Sesame Street and Tales by moonlight gave me the much balance I now know I needed to flow everywhere. I combined foreign knowledge with my own cultural information to experience an awesome childhood – adulthood (up and down included). This equiped me to venture bravely across boarders and thrive without necessarily compromising my values. So what are we doing for posterity? Even though both programs are past the 50 year mark, only 1 is still relevant today. I shudder to think what resources will be available to my grandchildren and generations beyond? When does it end…will they also cry of thesame problems or a different kind?

“You may not be able to save the world like you imagine, but your family rippling to your immidiate community is a start”

Great things start from small veining. SOW today and save tomorrow. Every little bit helps…every action a seed and every evil was once an innocent. Setup structures to ensure the survival of coming generations to look back and know you tried your best in your time.


The world is spiraling out of technological control; annialating traditional systems and heritage faster that anyone has been able to control. The pandemic forced the emergency factory reset button and we were almost powerless to avert the disaster. It is time to diversify income streams and establish structures that will evelove with the times. A new age has begun, now is the time to set standards and structures for the next 100 years. Streamline your income Expigitally. Board Liners to maximize available opportunities as you pass through the Village.  Get Ticket @ the Station or view Map to find other destinations.

The only way to predict the future is to create it. Start now.



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