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It is never too early to start instilling values and nurturing the genius in the best way possible. Take advantage of applicable educational modules, tools and opportunities 
Start securing your own future today. Enroll in village activities, get the work experience for your dream occupation or profession and ‘make hay while the sun shines.’
Are you bored? Tired of expecting help? Find out how much you have actually been throwing away. Turn your junk into treasure – network @ the bridge to find new possibilities
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New Brand? Unregistered business or services? Super powers? Need new GTM strategies? Explore available networking, trading and job opportunities
Access Village projects. L.E.A.R.N™ to EARN and thrive even in Adversity. Use our modules for simultaneous Empowerment, Edutainment and Enrichment
Work Smart NOT Hard! Satisfy that segment that demands uniqueness of concept, proficiency & Professionalism. Find opportunities to inspire brand loyalty, boost sales & increase mileage.
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Diversify your income to secure your tomorrow, Start something future generations will thank you for. Be a part of indigenous reforms – participate in themed activities 
Strengthen you value chain with village strategies and activities for increase mileage. Explore & Network with Indigenous Brands of the future for Expigital™ security.
You never stop learning. Improve your skills ot inspiring everyone with your talent. Get the wow factor and be noticed for all the BEST reasons in the  Expigital village
We are the standards we create for ourselves. Set the BEST standards to foster social responsibility in communities
We are the standards we create for ourselves. Set the BEST standards foster accountability in organizations
We are the standards we create for ourselves. Set the BEST standards to foster commerce for an empowered economy
Indulge all your senses. Learn something new, teach something old – and everything in-between. Stop-over @ feature brand destinations, participate in feature events or join quarterly tours through the Village & Mines to select destinations across boarders. Explore to register now.
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Join a worthy cause for equitable redistribution of wealth

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Limitless opportunities abound to find and nurture your genius for success. Open account to store your Expigital Treasure


Awarded for activities across digital platforms.  Can be used to checkout items from the Blaq Blaq parcels. Plugin and explore site(s) to find Points


Goodwill tasks and events for community development. Can be converted to Boints. Join Townhalls to know more on Badges


Complete profile to work on village projects and LEARN to EARN using Expigital MATS. Can be used to redeem in the Blaq Exchange
Take the scenic route
Visit the Social Scape. Follow icons to complete Village Run and access taskmaster to start accumulating Bowries for Open season. No Registration Required
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On the Expigital Express

All roads lead to the Village square. Add a voice to ECHO the change you desire to see. This is an adventure to the future through the past. Invest in the future & save tomorrow  TodayBoard the Liner across boarders to select Events and activities for fun fortune or fame. Follow links below to explore or fill form to reserve now.
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A.R.C Liners
Brands, Estates, Ad-spots and Management systems
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G.E.M Liners
Programs, Initiatives, Campaigns and Knockout destinations
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O.N.E Liners
Buy, Engage, Sell, Trade of items and services 
M.A.P Liners
Consult, Advertise, Refer, Empower 

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Are you starting a brand? looking for Items? Need assistance? Or want to be a light in the dark?  Let the Expigital experts show you how its done. SOW & save tomorrow TODAY


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3,000/monthly Points Only


For Frelancers
11,000/monthly Boint Only


for Brands
30,000/monthly Boint & Badges


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80,000/monthly Badges & Coins

Unite your Village people

The shield of anonymity that the web provided has lost its security, freedom and comfort. Now, hiding your identity may depict sinister motives even when that is the only way to talk without judgement or criticism. But the false adulation ripples into so many ills that the beauty of technology is drowned in negative feedback and fear. Finding ways to have the best of all worlds on all platforms is an uphill battle s the freedoms get abused. But there is always hope. Join others like you, seeking solutions and coping mechanisms to navigate this life. Only Indigenes and Guild members can create groups. Rise up the ranks to increase access, control and privacy in the Village.







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Participate in themed activities for Points Badges & Coins.

Patronize brands committed to your care. Consult advertise refer and empower value chains for veritable success expigitally.
Consult with Everlaw Associates before during and after you venture
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Advertise with I2E media and Get noticed for all the BEST reasons
Regulate and ensure compliance to get referrals for success
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Empower others & Invest in yourself – Save tomorrow by sowing today

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