Why the world is bad? Why are human so wicked? Why can’t I be like ‘her’? Why can’t ‘he’ be lie me? So many questions, so many answers saying the same thing. Since the dawn of time we can remember, we have fought for “all kind of equality, rights and causes. But it seems the more we fight, the more we find that we must keep fighting. Everything changing but staying the same and then getting worse. We take for granted that people differ and force our ideologies on others, blacklist them when they do not conform with the general perception of what is ideal. But who has set the standard you are ready to defend with your blood, sweat and tears? What make one thing “True” & the other a “Lie? What make a “Monster & what makes a Man? How can we define intelligence using the standard modules which we now believe to be wrong? 

We miss the purpose of education which is to instill life principles and be self sustaining. There are different forms of intelligence and your environment contributes a great deal with how these gifts are flourished. Currently identified are major types of intelligence and knowing where your strengths is the beginning of your most successful life

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Prof. Rachel Kim


  • Extremely curious about everything, so much it may be annoying to others
  • Adaptable to every situation – like a chameleon
  • Always has a different opinions and alternative solutions to situations effortlessly – experts in disaster management
  • ROUND THE CLOCK – seemingly staying up or sleeping in late almost always.
  • Perfectionist – always striving for perfection. Anything can be better and/or improved upon
  • The ETERNAL STUDENT – constantly learning to feed the perfectionist monster’ which leads to multi-tasking and maintaining interests in multiple things at the same time.
  • Harshest critic to themselves. Capable of deep thought and introspective. ability to laugh and cry hardest at the faults and judge their work almost neutrally
  • FUNNY – great sense of humor and darkness. Extremely Trusting and easy to connect with.
  • Are persistent with things that challenge them, to the point where you have to wonder if it is bravery or cowardice


While there are some benefits to having a high IQ, there are also traits associated with a high intelligence that might be less than desirable, such as depression and anxiety. Given the tendencies that the highly intelligent have for over-thinking and over-analyzing personal encounters, they might read into situations far more than necessary and see body language and meanings that aren’t there, causing extra emotional distress to please everyone they come into contact with as to avoid an unpleasant engagement. 


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Also, one common pitfall that arises from being able to pick up new skills and understandings quickly is that it makes it hard for someone to really exert the effort needed to succeed when they grow used to being naturally gifted at everything. For many, this might happen in college, when someone who graduated with honors in high school with little effort find themselves falling behind in the fast-paced environment of university. Such experiences can cause someone to recede and become less sociable, anxious, and potentially depressed at what they might see as mounting failure.


The value of education cannot be overemphasized.

Being good in math or language are not the only ways to be smart. There is an urgent need to expand the types of education. Over the centuries, with advancements in different fields, it has become apparent that the education can take a variety of forms


Ability to Plan.= self-discipline, delay of gratification, deal with/overcome distractions, and the ability to adjust strategy or approach as needed


Can relate to their natural surroundings.grow plants, vegetables and fruit. They have an affinity for animals and are good at training and understanding them


Dealing with complexities of meaning and social uses of language. Organizing and explaining complex ideas. Presenting information effectively in speech and writing


Ability to understand, reason, and remember the spatial relations among objects or space, navigation, estimating distance and measurement,


ability to think in a disciplined manner, basing thoughts on facts and evidence, incorporating logic whenever analyzing a problem


Sensitivity for music, The ability to perceive musical stimuli such as small changes in pitch, loudness, rhythm, and other sub-domains of music processing


typically very coordinated and have an excellent sense of their body in space and of body timing. They have great hand-eye coordination and quick reactions

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Frequently Asked Questions

An intelligence quotient is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests or sub tests designed to assess human intelligence. It is a measure of what psychologists call our “fluid and crystallized intelligence.” Put simply, an IQ test measures your reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

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Today, there are numerous IQ tests that are used for different purposes, but most are used to help diagnose learning disabilities.

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  • Low AQ (0–59): Low levels of motivation, energy, performance, and persistence. Tendency to catastrophize events.
  • Moderate AQ (95–134): Under-utilization of potential. …
  • High AQ (166–200): Maintains appropriate perspective on events and responses to them.
Marilyn vos Savant
Writer Marilyn vos Savant (born 1946) has an IQ of 228, one of the highest ever recorded. Someone with a “normal” intelligence will score somewhere around 100 on an IQ test. To meet someone with an IQ approaching 200 is certainly impressive. Vos Savant has lived a quiet life since childhood

The Juryisstill outon this one. If you are asking about typs of intelligence, Sternberg’s theory identifies three types of intelligence: practical, creative, and analytical.

If you are refering to Types of Quotients (IQ)

  • Adversity Quotient (AQ)
  • Business Quotient (BQ)
  • Creativity Quotient(CQ)
  • Entertainment Quotient (Ent. Q)
  • Emotional Quotient(EQ)
  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Job Quotient (JQ)
  • Management Quotient (MQ)

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Using data from an older study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, here are 10 jobs typically suited for those with high IQ scores.
  • Doctors and surgeons. …
  • College professors. …
  • Electrical engineers. …
  • Lawyers. …
  • Scientists. …
  • Materials and design engineers. …
  • Software and IT professionals. …
  • Sales.

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Find technical data and IQ comparisons here

The simple answer is yes. Think it’s all about IQ? Think again. Researchers are learning more about the many types of human intelligence, and how we all measure up.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, these more human traits are especially important in data-driven fields like technology. In fact, Google has screened potential employees for their “learning ability” – the ability to solve problems on the fly – for years.

The intangible qualities that help you work and interact effectively with the people around you may be even better predictors of success than IQ, according to experts. Here’s why: measuring up in soft skills improves teamwork, helps you be a better leader, and helps you work more efficiently.

Some might even net you a bigger paycheck.

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Temperament refers to behavioral style, the ‘how’ of behavior. Personality describes ‘what’ a person does or ‘why’ they do things. Long recognized as different, researchers have investigated connections between the biological aspects of behavior seen in temperament, vs. personality structure and development.
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