Original post – 07/12/2020

So I’ve been thinking about all these horrible stories of happenings and people’s reactions to them.

I remember in the mid 2000s, a former President’s wife was rumoured to have sent ‘boys’ to eliminate a woman who was dating her husband and at that time just had a son for him. The woman escaped elimination because the ‘boys’ told Mr President about the plan and he arranged an evacuation for her to UK for safety. At that time, I was in deep thought of how this man knows his wife is capable of ordering an ‘elimination’ but went on to endanger the other woman’s life. I’m still wondering how that one ended with fear that she has probably been eliminated.

Last month’s ‘iss’ was Late President Jerry Rawlings’ two homes and we all thought it was great. I wasn’t indifferent to this as I had my sentiments but most importantly relieved there was no violence or threat to life.

The other day, a woman poured hot water on another lady purported to have been in a sexual relationship with her husband. The righteous Social media society came here to reign curses on the victim with an irritating tag “side chic”; which by the way irritates me more with those who spell “chick” (Child of chicken) and insist on having something to say. Many have been threatening how the case she is taking to court will be lost because they have defended such cases and the precedence condems the victim who’s life has been endangered. That one is now a political issue because the perpetrator is linked with government house. Well… We are getting somewhere.

The other day I heard of a woman who squeezed her husband’s testicles while he was asleep in the middle of the night. The story was concluded on Facebook with celebtion of liberation. We are doing well!

We are here today and the new case is marriage of six years with an ABUSIVE PARTNER who is a ‘responsible man’ because he accepted the pregnancy of his mistress and she has given birth for him. The wife who has been suffering Intimate Partner Abuse all these years is being condemned and chastised for being a professional and earner of salary. “Why will she be asking or nagging about money for soup as a medical doctor?” Another condemnation is that she brought her marital issues to social media. The woman should pack herself and go back to her state with her four children. As in,she should go with her children which she had with Mr “He can’t hurt a fly” because her womb is not good enough for him to keep her children and respect her because a precious mistress womb aIso has a child for him. I can’t imagine that if this woman was your sister, you would call her a nag that deserves battering of that level of sitting on a healing suture from CS.

All of you that cluster to support something bad because the perpetrator of such evil is your best friend or buys you a drink or you feel you want to protect their ‘reputation’ or public image or the mistress is your society paddy or your sister or you are just a plain dumb duck- SHAME!

We are all determiners of what is moral, who is right and who does not have a right to express pain or oppression. We choose the version of situations convenient to us to relay. We are doing well!

O how convenient!

Author: Msen Abeda Magdalene



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