1000 Points

    You struck WATER! 

    ‘the Mariner’

    This is an Honorary Badge presented as a sign of legitimate status and accomplishment in the Village,

    Your predecessors are Proud and so are we.


    MEANING: You can flow!

    Like the saying goes “water no get enemy”. The possessor of this badge always trumps every situation and has being granted the tidal wave power to access Village CARE packages and facilities. Now bearer can unlock Waterproof Armor, Resources & Tools to continue on the fluid path.



    Even as this is a representation of honor when displayed, it is also a viable trading and exchange medium @ the village square. Only specified Roles & ranks can , purchase or trade badges without restrictions, everyone else has to wait for Open Season to Redeem; so it pays to make the best Village connections.

    BARTER– convert to Points for shopping. Visit Bazaar

    EMPOWER – draw a gift from the Wishing Well, Visit Bridge

    SELL – Emergency cash options. Complete 7 level to be be eligible. Visit Bureau

    TRADE – Classified – [email protected]

    NEXT STEPS: Continue to Increase in Rank & Reputation

    • Have it added to your chest. Activate CARE clutch to store Expigital Treasure
    • Participate in Village activities to EARN more Points and Badges Perform tasks for more Points & Badges here.
    • Visit the Bazaar to view eligible items and packages
    • Upgrade Clutch to unlock more currency options
    All terms and conditions apply

    10 Steps

    1. Pal Points
    2. Plugin Points
    3. Practice Points
    4. Paddy Points
    5. Publish Points
    6. Post Points
    7. Patch Points
    8. Portfolio Point
    9. PICK Points
    10. Parcel Points