Inverter sellers were few before now, in Nigeria. So were the available inverter brands.

Not anymore. Now inverters are better known in Nigeria and selling inverters has become an attractive business opportunity. As a result, many inverter sellers are emerging. More importantly, more inverter brands are coming into the market.

With more inverter brands and inverter sellers, issues of quality and performance may become more pertinent. Getting value for money may not be taken for granted, because new, untested brands will still need to prove themselves. Inverters entail a sizable investment of funds and it’s only sensible to be sure that such huge investment will pay off.

Key Factors in Choosing a Good Inverter

When you need a reliable inverter system, it’s important you search out a reputable inverter dealer, particularly one that is marketing a top-performing inverter brand. As with any product, all inverters are not born equal.

The basic engineering technology of inverters may be cut out, but each serious inverter manufacturer introduces proprietary features that bring some uniqueness to their product.

Take the PWM-based MOSFET technology used by Sukam in the manufacture of the Sukam range of inverters. When looking for a quality inverter, you must pay attention to the special technology that drives the product.

Sukam explains that it uses MOSFET switching with Pulse Width Modulation controls, for highly regulated voltage and superior performance. Sukam also introduces other techniques that ensure performance optimality as well as protection for the inverter and its battery bank. It lists some of these as:

  • Fast mains power sensing circuit – with this, the switching speed is so fast that no break is noticeable when power fails. Battery bank protection – batteries are central to the performance of the inverter and a substantial part of the set-up cost goes into batteries. Sukam’s battery protection is based on its CCCV (constant current constant voltage) charging system that ensures regulated voltage to protect the battery plates, extend battery life and give optimal delivery. Using silicon controlled rectifier technology believed to be the best for battery chargers, constant charging and minimum power consumption are achieved.

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