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Take the journey from discovery to sufficiency. Follow your intuition, inclination or interests to savor the Village sights, sounds, smells and sensations, Expigitally.

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Keeping up is hard;
catching up is hardest
and overtaking is seemingly impossible.
Find balance in the present rooted in the past and connected to the future.



Tasks for Badges

Performance is crucial

Events for Awards

Spectate or participate

Activity for Ranks

Move up the Ranks

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BlaqMay 17, 20206 min read

WE ARE 60 Diamonds! Let us focus on our journey through independence & how we can effectively achieve our millennial goals using Indigenous Expigital Modules. STAY TUNED! Subscribe below to participate in themed activities for simultaneous empowerment, enrichment & edutainment.…

Are you selfish enough

Are you selfish enough

BlaqMay 1, 20204 min read

Even though time seems limited, we have all the time we need to achieve our dreams once with a plan. usually institutions like the family unit, religious houses and schools instill the minute-to-hour schedules required for survival, becoming a subconscious…

The security of Empowerment

The security of Empowerment

BlaqApr 25, 20204 min read

Work smart not hard! L.E.A.R.N to EARN and make what you have work for you. Experience the world -get networking invitations, meet like minds & form forever bonds across boarders. A Contributor can create and edit only their own posts, but cannot…


Nurturing your Genius

BlaqApr 22, 202010 min read

WELCOME DEAR A.R.C bureau™ <p style=”text-align: left;”>Customized modules for the Global Entrepreneur. Make what you have work for you. Automate, Balance &amp; Control all operations with our expigital modules – designed for your convenience. </p><h6>CONSULT</h6> <ul> <li > G.E.M bridge™…

Home is where the heart is…

The Village is a simulated journey from discovery through/to success. Choose and follow a structured path to maximize your Expigital sourjon across the Village

Follow the road that will lead you home.

Participate in Expigital Tasks, Events & Activities to accumulate Badges, Achievements & Ranks for the Village Open Season.

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