Balancing all aspects of life responsibilities remains an uphill battle with any positive results eclipsed by the advent of something new; the consequent excess of choice usually leads to uninformed investment. individuals and business alike spending millions in advertising that may reach target audiences

“Realize, all the things in your room used to be money; all that money used to be time; all that time used to be energy…and how for years, you have been spending all your time, money and energy making a mess for yourself to clean up”

Additionally, fluctuating economic situations, access to relevant training, unforgiving terrains, poorly executed ideas, abandoned projects and human nature (amongst other things) makes organic growth a waste of time & resources, without effecting the desired change, Success in today’s consistently evolving & fluctuating economies, strongly relies on the ability to think “outside the box”. Opportunities abound for matchless & effortless SUCCESS with strategic placement & affiliations that can empower all simultaneously. This is the best time to build structures, diversify income streams by empowering industry value chains along specified Industries so individuals/businesses can achieve and enjoy veritable success ;

I never knew how productive I could be especially in this pandemic. Using expigital templates have helped me find Balance so I can smell life's roses along the way.
Prof. Rachel Kim

Positioning &/or reaffirmation with high impact activities to Increase sales trade and networking opportunities. Empower community based value-chain along specified industries/sectors


“If your plan is for 1 year, plant Rice, if your plan is for 10 years, plant Trees; if your plan is for 100 years, educate Children

Confucius – Chinese philosopher & politician”

Nigeria will be 60 years on the October, our Diamond anniversary, this year long schedule draws focus to our journey through independence & how we can effectively achieve our millennial goals using Indigenous Expigital Modules.


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“If your plan is for 1 year, plant Rice, if your plan is for 10 years, plant Trees; if your plan is for 100 years, educate Children

Confucius – Chinese philosopher & politician”

reach your target market , expand into high profit areas in a continuous ripple of positive value chain development with our indigenous modules.

Manage innovation adoption issue for quality assurance purposes

Recommend erstwhile campaigns, SME’s and professionals in need of support

Ensure regulatory compliance investor security

Outline potential risks, probability impact & mitigation strategies .

Facilitate community development through enterprise to Inspire pride & brand loyalty

Reduce time to market, reputation risk and cost associated with failed GTM attempts




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Temperament refers to behavioral style, the ‘how’ of behavior. Personality describes ‘what’ a person does or ‘why’ they do things. Long recognized as different, researchers have investigated connections between the biological aspects of behavior seen in temperament, vs. personality structure and development.
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Acronym combining the fundamental variables used in developing and implementing our Modules. EXP/I/GITAL

Experiential | Indigenous | Digital 

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This is a customized plan for your Brand, Project or Event that synchronizes your systems into a harmonious workflow off & online. 

OMNIFEST DIAMOND EDITION commemorating 60 years of Independence. Together we can realize our common vision of poverty alleviation through Enterprise. As we are most passionate about development of ALL resources for economic growth, we are dedicating the 60th anniversary celebrations to counting our blessings.  Meet & greet the Best Indigenous Brands  with our 24/7  Expigital Events. Plugin to access more information.

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