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The Bazaar is a complementary Trading platform for Village brands and stakeholders. Open account to feature in the Fairs and Promotions @ the Village square.

As this is a referral service,  we are happy to point you in the BEST direction available. Follow links to find what you are looking for or participate in activities for Fun Fortune and Fame. 

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Blaq Jade Inc is Non-partisan, Non-political, Non-religious consortium. As much as we want to help, we reserve the right to refuse service according to our Policies. We will not accept liability for any loss or damages howsoever incurred, or suffered, resulting or arising from the use of this Platform. We recommend that all proposals are reviewed by a specialist and/or legal adviser before implementation.

Eat @ ZDK

Visit ZD Kitchen for health and nutrition essentials

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Eat tasty and nutritious meals even on the go. From diet plans to event catering and everything inbetween, ZDK is here for your covenience.

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Pack @ VEX

Visit Veg Express for farm-to-table essentials

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Get fresh produce all year round. Hyginically packaged raw and frozen options available Veg Express can cater to you.

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Slay @ HOM

Visit House of Moriah for fashion essentials

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From customized apparel to commercial merchandising and everything between, House of Moriah Studio and Accademy is @ your service

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Find items and services @ your convenience with cash or Barter. Check Registry for eligible Items and Services


All village products and services are provided or recommended by affiliate brands. 


TOURIST: Use Points during checkout to purchase or redeem items during the BLAQ OPEN SEASON. 


This service is interactive and user friendly to ensure you find what you are looking for. If you are new, checkout the Route MAP to navigate this page effectively.

For more information, send mail to [email protected]


Introducing top 3 feature brands who have the honor of being the pioneering administrators of the village facilities with the power to certify brands, list products and verify services for the duration of their reign. 


MONDAY – Listing

TUESDAY – Tag & Refer


THURSDAY – Redemptions

FRIDAY – Events + Promotions


SUNDAY – New + Launches

advertise with us and make a Beeline to your target audience 

Visit feature brand destinations to fill form and list your item or service

As proud Brand Au-pairs, we strive to maintain an environment where all our innovators flourish.

Boost your expigital appeal for increased sales and mileage. Lease and rental options available.

If you are just exploring – visit emporiums to find resources and opportunities for success

PURPLE WEB – Governments, NGO & Estates

GREENVILLE: Core & Affiliate Brands

ORANGE CAVE – Industries & multinationals

YELLOW NET: Institutions & professional services

RED HUB: Infrastructure, teams & professionals

BLUE LANE: SME, Repairs & Retailers

GREY PLAZA: Individuals, home brands & Artisans

If you are registered – Activate your Clutch and LEARN to EARN with expigital MATS. 


The Expigital Express through the Village will take off soon.


The only way to Predict the future is to Create it.

LEARN to EARN with Expigital MATS and thrive even in adversity. Ready-to-use Platforms for individuals, Brands and Organizations. 

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Expigital Administrator

Send mail to [email protected] about Indigenous Branding solutions & Strategic Placement for global success. Check listing for verified Brands and Liaisons to avoid fraud.

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