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Welcome to the ETC Bazaar – a complementary platform for Village Feature, advertising and affiliate Brands. Combining the convenience of technology and practical applications, this platform is a bridge connecting brand to stakeholders and vise-versa. 

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There is something for everyone; take advantage of trading and networking opportunities across boarders. Stop-over @ feature Emporiums for the best deals available or participate in Village activities for Fun, Fortune or Fame.
Fashion house and Academy for everything poise, elegance and comfort. Stand out anywhere in HOM originals. Customize your wardrobe or learn how to DIY.
Eat @ ZD Kitchen
Lava Living for overall health. Nutritious, tasty and hygienically prepared meals for your convenience. Stay tuned for Lifestyle tips & tricks and floating meals 
Package @ Vegexpress
From FARM to Table and everything between; get homegrown agricultural produce for and @ your convenience; catering straight to your doorstep

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Take the scenic route to accumulate Bowries for open season. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Join LINER to explore Village activities and events Across Boarders.Already registered? Participate for points, prizes or prestige.
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M.AT.S for Success

Boost your Expigital appeal to maximize available opportunities. Pursue Village interest aboard BEST Liner to the Village Square and find treasure along the way. Open account to streamline your success with the BEST Modules, Ad-spots, Templates and Strategies.
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BEST Village Feature

Introducing the BEST BUNDLE for that Expigital appeal. From eyeballs to conversions, get noticed for all reasons. Use customizable Expigital MATS, make a beeline to your audience and attract diverse markets simultaneously. All features are rotated quarterly to allow our 12 MVP shine in the limelight. Limited spaces available so fill form below to reserve placement spots. LEARN to EARN and save tomorrow Today.
For Students
Its time to be selfish! Invest in YOU. Profile to synchronize your activity for 360 success ₦3,000/monthly
For Professionals
Have your cake and eat it too. Build your Portfolio to reach your target &  attract offers ₦11,000/monthly
For Brands
How much have you been throwing away? Explore Trading & Barter interventions now ₦30,000/monthly
For Teams
If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together. Team-up now ₦85,450/monthly
Take Control
Open account to access classified information on requirements, uses and benefits of Expigital MATS. If you already have an account, then ‘view Guide’ below for more details on the potentials of your Bundle and start reaping today.

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Visit the Village bazaar and explore brands committed to your careFilter general categories to find the best items and services available. Hover or click on heading to view category details. To find items and services, click on search’ to visit emporium or ‘explore’ to see what is trending on the Blaq exchange. Only Villagers can ‘see’ rewards @ feature destinations. 
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We accept Barter!

Get listed on the Village exchange and take advantage of expigital opportunities. Follow links to view eligible locations, items & services; or contact featuring Brands below for information on Village opportunities 

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The only way to predict the future is to create it


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All I do is win no matter what


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Unbox your mind to a life of infinite possibilities

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