Practice to PICK & participate in themed activities during “Open Season” for Points, Coins & Badges. You know what they say about the “early Bird”…read it here

Village Square COMING SOON! Career Balance Abundance

1 Individual – know thyself…just for fun. click here

5 Business – know your business. click here

4 Family –  fun with the tribe To Bring You Closer click here; start your tree. click here

Work – freelance jobs & contracts for fun – Click here

Network – have fun across boarders. click here

Explore the Bridge & PICK your Path to treasures unlimited

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

Shore with Blue Sea

Eleanor Harris (American, 1901-1942)

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Get a virtual tour of the museum. Ideal for schools and events.

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Stay updated and see our current exhibitions here.

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