Blaq Jade is Brand Edutainment and Lifestyle consortium dedicated encouraging professionalism for job efficiency by developing modules designed to help individuals/business achieve veritable success through smart working techniques. While achieving fair success and enduring a huge amount of what may seem to the onlooker as failures; we considered as O.T.J experience, leading to the biggest blessing in disguise. As with every new business terrain, working in Nigeria has been extremely challenging, especially when trying to adopt international standards while executing modules indigenously. However, the most challenging aspect of working in Lagos specifically is the absence of HOPE which has forced residents to do ‘whatever it takes to survive’ – especially/preferably at someone else’s expense.  This attitude is carried into the professional sphere, contributing to the lack of trust in potential partnership opportunities for Small & Medium Scale Enterprises. Most Industries in Nigeria do not lend themselves easily to investment due to numerous constraints such as lack of property rights, insufficient infrastructure, and the informal nature of clients within this space is one of the most severe impediments to development. Now, with the current Global crises further crippling the economy, virtual-ity is our current reality and only the BEST strategies will prevail. Marketing, Sales and Distribution Can be a challenge for new business as terrains are are vicious and unforgiving. Poorly planned/executed ideas and human nature make gradual market penetration a waste of resources. Hence, making it almost impossible for a business to survive past the 5 year mark. Those that do, usually have Tales of Sorrow & Woe to tell; needless misery that could be managed or even avoided if proper research was carried out prior to commencement. Our story is not much different with so many turbulent times that we are grateful for jumping this last hurdle over vertical Hills. Through this arduous journey, we have gathered a wealth of priceless experiences amidst the blood, sweat & Tears. So how does a brand guarantee ingenuity, originality, uniqueness of concept, early break even, huge profits and bragging rights before the ideas are inevitably duplicated?

A is for Au-pair

We pride ourselves on the ability to discern needs, create and/or transform ideas, fashioning them into sustainable wealth generating ventures.
Engaging us on any level will provide ingenuity, originality, uniqueness of concept and increased mileage
Activity Every Job is important. together WE ARE’ capable of Great things.

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  • Advice

B is for Brand

Its time to be SELFISH! Invest in yourself; nurture & maximize opportunities to be secure Expigitally. Start Saving tomorrow TODAY!

  • Balance
  • Blaq -black
  • Business
  • Beauty

C is for Calendar

Having a Good Time without stopping the hustle regardless of the situation!

  • Career
  • Customization
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  • Convenience

D is for Diamond

How much have you been throwing away? Turn your JUNK into Treasure & Augment your income Expigitally™ Thrive in Adversity!

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  • Demiurge

E is for Estate

Virtual Trading for Brands of the Future

  • Empower
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  • Enlightenment
  • Expigital

F is for Feature

Set the BEST standards for those coming after; foster unity in diversity for an empowered community.

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G is for Grow

Go Expigital™ and EARN from anywhere. Explore & Network with Indigenous Brands of the future for Expigital™ security.

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Conform to healthy physical and mental lifestyle. To equip – especially young females – with the right tools and mental attitudes for future living, re-instilling our traditional values and giving them the confidence to explore and embrace their individuality. multi-cultures platforms which permit healthy interactions alternative to recreation Change is not easy but it is Possible. We are the standards we create for ourselves. Invest in your future Start saving tomorrow Today. Start something future generations will thank you for. Add your voice to ECHO the change you desire to see. Participate for POINTS to redeem Rewards during Open Season. WE ARE 60 Diamonds! Let us focus on our journey through independence & how we can effectively achieve our millennial goals using Indigenous Expigital Modules.
You know what they say about the “early Bird”…read it here Start taking advantage of available networking opportunities across Boarders. All terms & conditions Apply.


1-STOP @ your convenience. Nurture your genius, explore trade opportunities & build formidable networks across boarders. Let us cater to you! Find your Equilibrium; streamline your success with the BEST strategy to increase sales and trade opportunities globally

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“Unbox your mind to live a life of infinite possibilities.”

— Anna Wong, Volunteer


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