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This is a working title and all images used are place holders; […]
ARE YOU READY TO WIN! PROGRAMS Thoughts become words = actions = […]
Join a worthy cause for equitable redistribution of wealth

With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information. So invest in the two-way street. BOOST YOUR EXPIGITAL APPEAL. Make a bee line to your target audience and let those you cannot reach, find you.

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Too many platforms and SO LITTLE TIME. We aim to BUILD BRIDGES for success and increased mileage  Take advantage of Indigenous Branding solutions & Strategic Placement for maximum impact. Banners are reserved for Village affiliates. Account options and Logo placement available.


Knowledge is power and strategy is key to sustainable success! Ask before, during and after you venture. Be prepared - Consultion | Adverts | Referrals | Engagement

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Everlaw Associates


Too many Adverting platforms and SO LITTLE TIME. Make a beeline to your target for increased mileage. Know more about Programs | Initiatives | Campaigns | Knockouts 

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Walk Tall Group


Reduce reputation risk and cost associated with failed GTM attempts. Know more about Expigital   Buying | Exchange | Service | Trading

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Veg-Express Industries


Develop comprehensive plan outlining potential risks, probability impact & mitigation strategies. Know more about  Branding | Ad-spots | Estates | Management

Ngohide a

Blaq Jade Incorporated

Kiso Farms
Fashion HOM

Eating your cake and having it too

So many Talking Drums and Town criers around the world. Still, vital information is still lost, misinterpreted or lacks the relevant punch to inspire success. Open up to a new possibilities and find what is relevant to YOU. Tune in to your favorite channels...and explore new ones too.


Time management is vital to Brand Beginnings and on-going concerns. Follow the information that matters to your success and use it to your advantage. 

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Unbox your mind to live infinite possibilities. Indulge all your senses in the Blaq experience. Board liners Across Boarders to participate for Fu₦, Fame or Fortu₦e

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Love yourself BEST. Expigital services for and @ your convenience. Subscribe to the Blaq Map and Indulge in safety. Board liners Across Boarders to participate in themed activities

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It is not our intention to ruffle feathers deliberately. Anybody can be a victim of circumstance. While we respect all Religious, Political and alternative institutions, we do not identify or affiliate with any; and resolve to remain dispassionate in review of all related content. 


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This is a working title and all images used are place holders; which will be replaced once the platform owner takes control. Passion for Fashion What comes to mind when you think of or hear the word Fashion? […]

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