School Rules and Policies


The Company understands that its staff employees may have or be involved in outside financial, business, professional, academic, public service, or other activities. However, outside activities or commitments, familial or other relationships, private financial or other interests, and benefits or gifts received from third parties may create an actual or perceived conflict of interest between the staff employee and the Company. A conflict of interest is a situation, arrangement, or circumstance where the staff employee’s outside or private interests or relationships interfere or appear to interfere with those of the Company or cast doubt on the fairness  or integrity of the Company’s business  dealings. Every staff employee is responsible for disclosing to his or her supervisor, any financial or personal interests, activities, or personal or familial relationships that create an actual or perceived conflict of interest.



All staff are directed to observe strict punctuality and proper office decorum. Failure in enforcing compliance of these instructions will be considered as a direct disregard of the rules and will be met with the appropriate action

General Employment Information –the probationary period is a standard 3 months across levels  there are processes for everything even when employee wants to quit.

Please be reminded that All information must be kept in the strictest confidence and should never be handled by unauthorized personnel

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure (or Non-Compete, depending on business and location) –this restricts employees from starting competing businesses if they leave or are terminated.

Progressive Discipline Policy –lay out your steps for discipline, but also outline for your employees the steps you may or may not take, making firing situations clea


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