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Passionate about indigenous enterprise & Brand development, we are dedicated to sustainable success using Expigital Modules. Explore to Network & connect with the BEST Opportunities

MANAGING BRANDS – The Nurturers; all behind the scenes to develop strategies & ensure efficient implementation to delivery

SERVICE BRANDS – should you decide that you need papering, Blaq A.C.T  is a consortium of verified compliance & regulatory Liaisons mandated to interface with clients. Read more info

AFFILIATE BRANDS– 1 stop for all Lifestyle, Edutainment and business solutions. Meet the indigenous Brands gaining momentum regardless of Adversity.

ADVERTISING BRANDS – Increase your Market Share. Indigenous placement of Products, Services and Events for global mileage

INCUBATING BRANDS – From Indigenous Brands to Global Entrepreneurs, meet the Future Industry Leaders and be part of their success story.

Countless opportunities abound for success. Do something NOW your your future self will thank you for. 

The only way to predict the future is to create it ~ Abraham Lincoln 

Get a BLAQ BOX™ and use the blueprints to create, control & sustain your wealth; askus@blaqjade.com

Save tomorrow TODAY. 

A new era is dawning, Be prepared! s!  Invest in yourself – nurture your Genius and be truly independent. L.E.A.R.N to E.A.R.N  Expigitally and thrive even in adversity. Fill form here

Should you decide that you need papering, Open a Blaq Box™ to streamline your experience and maximize opportunities across our platforms. Fill form here

GONG STATION – Indulge all your senses. Plugin to GEM and experience a new world of Essential Edutainment

C.A.R.E OFFICE – Consult, start new, Work, Freelance or Employ. Plugin to indigenous and international opportunities here!

SHINE SCHOOL –  nurture your genius & Explore opportunities.

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VILLAGE SQUARE – Expigital Event & Networking. Plugin for simultaneous empowerment, Entertainment & Enlightenment. Become an Indigene or Villager to participate in themed activities for Fortune | Fame | Fun.

For  general inquires, send mail to askus@blaqjade.com

For all Engagement, Payment & other issues, fill  form to  Troubleshoot and resolve all matters amicably.

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Are you a ‘starting’ or ‘continuing’ Brand interested in SALES? Use our Modules to streamline your success; askus@blaqjade.com about the BLAQ BOX™ & Expigital Estates


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