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Be prepared for Success. Get the right advice BEFORE & AFTER you venture. 


Make a Beeline to your Target and get noticed for all the BEST reasons.


Show us the way to Programs, Initiatives, Campaigns & Knockout Events.


The Gift that keeps on Giving. SOW to Foster Indigenous & Social reforms across boarders. 


Create, Control & sustain your Success. Synchronize operations for Expigital Success. 

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Join the Liner for January 2021 and P.I.C.K. your Treasure


Its Open Season! Time to P.I.C.K @ the Blaq Village Square

Do something future generations will thank you for. Make change possible in your lifetime. Support Industrial, Institutional and Infrastructural Reforms from the Grassroot. Catch the Liner to select locations for FUN FORTUNE or FAME. Meet with the Brands committed to fostering indigenous networking & International trading opportunities.  Join the adventure from anywhere; participate in P.I.C.K projects for sustainable community development and start saving the tomorrow Today.


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The ultimate branding solution! Cost effective and strategic placement for maximum impact. It combines

1) Experiential activities

2) Indigenous investment & solutions

3) Complementary resource & referrals

Limitless opportunities for success abound

BLAQ BADGES – Buy | Exchange | Sell Trade – turn your JUNK into Treasure and  Augment your income expigitally – https://www.facebook.com/talkingdrum1

PLAY POINTS are awarded to participants of themed activities via the platforms. – https://www.facebook.com/BJI-Nig-Ltd

COMMISSION COINS™ – awarded to Enrolled participants & used to evaluate payments – https://www.facebook.com/Nuclei-Omni

A – Complete profile to get complementary wallet and start accumulating your treasure

ODE is an acronym for Omnifest Diamond Edition. It is inspired by Nigeria’s 60th Anniversary celebration and seeks to Beam the best indigenous brands for economic development

Participation is based on Eligibility or Invitation to access exclusive areas and information. Explore alternative wealth sources & start winning today.

TRADE for abundance

PLAY for balance

WORK for career


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